Thursday, April 29, 2010


for all you mommies, soon to be mommies or one day would like to be a mommy...i found myself laughing at this today and then pausing & thinking hmmm...i wonder if it works :) what do you think?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"a quarter for every time"

i would be one wealthy lady if i had a quarter for every time someone said to me "enjoy goes by fast!"

Today eli & i walked to a store close by (btw side note: I LOVE being able to just walk to stores. It is great exercise, you get to enjoy the beautiful weather and it pretty much limits you to what you can buy because you have to be able to carry it back :). People walk LOTS of place in France and Lord willing I look forward to that day we do walk the streets!) Okay back to what i was saying. So we ventured out for some fresh air & to score another sweet deal on diapers. As we were in one store an older lady (typical) stopped me to 1. tell me how cute & beautiful my little baby boy is and 2. to let me know they grow up way to fast and that I need to enjoy him now! I politely smiled & nodded and went on my. And then i got to know even though it feels like some days go by so slow...time is going by too fast! I mean it is hard for me to believe (and i almost ball every time i think about it) that he has already gone from

to this

he cracks me up...

the boy sure does love his toys!

can i have those lashes please. then mommy wouldn't need to spend money on mascara!

i mean y'all i am in some SERIOUS trouble when it comes to discipline if he looks at me like that!

so sweet. does he really have to grow up? i mean i want him this age forever because he is a little snuggle bunny!

and this is when he looks at me and says "mama really? enough with the flash!"

I just can't resist.

Monday, April 19, 2010

i heart mondays

because i get to hang out/snuggle all day with this little guy.

i could just eat up that laugh of his and the way he is beginning to talk :)

speaking of that little guy...he had a an eventful weekend!

friday we celebrated (from afar) Mia's 1st birthday (eli's cousin)
*a few of the pictures below are taken with my iphone so excuse the quality!

it was early and i think we are still waking up
then he went to lunch with daddy and mommy
saturday we went to the park

and got a new toy

then on sunday we went to church and enjoyed a nice lunch with new friend! of course i brought my camera but forgot to take it out :( we snapped a couple of shots when we got home.

Oh and did i mention last week this crazy kid said his first word..."da da"

okay i'm off. more to come this week...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the way it is

we've been a little MIA around here recently due to the fact that well you seen we all caught this awful stomach bug. we thought eli was the one who caught it first, but come to find out he wasn't. In fact he was the last one that had it. His seemed to linger on a little longer than ours did but we are FINALLY over it all.

I was the "lucky" one who drove the car he was in on our way home. lets just say that boy had some interesting smells being pumped into the air every hour or so. (did i mention it was almost a 12 hour drive!). We stopped every couple of hours and changed him because the little stinker messed on his outfits EVERY time!!! I thought we might run out of clothes for the boy & well if you have seen his closet...that is pretty impressive stuff.

each time we would go to check his diaper we would look...

and look again...

make this face...

and then almost loose it...

I seriously can't tell you how many outfits and diapers we have been through. Its a good thing i always stock up on diapers when they are on sale!
so here is proof...notice little man's outfit :)

we still love our stink bomb and are glad EVERYONE is better!

*I do want to mention here that the faces eli is making in several of these picture is from tasting lemonade for the first time. my crazy husband (upon my objection) decided the kid needed a little swig...he loved it but always made that face. it was too cute :)


Monday, April 12, 2010

this little fella...

has kept us SUPER busy lately & on our toes :)

we've explored the zoo...

looked at all the animals...

ate some GOOD food :)

hung out ALL weekend with Big K & DeDe...

gave daddy LOTS of kisses ;-)

walked around town...

enjoyed the beautiful sunshine & weather outside...

and definitely caught some zzzzzz's!!

What a FUN weekend we had!



Not just a ring

*this post is in no way to sound materialist, because i do realize when we leave this place we can't take this or anything else with us. also, please excuse the quality of the pictures. i couldn't find our good lens or camera and didn't want to disturb the hubs in class :) also the pictures don't do the ring justice at all!

Last weekend while we were visiting family down south, my sister and i both got very special gifts from my grandmother (dad's mom).

As we were celebrating my birthday early on sunday, my grandmother pulled my sister and myself aside and said she had something for us. i honestly had NO to say i was surprised is an understatement. She first reached for Leslie's hand and placed something in it. before Leslie could look she reached for mine and placed something in it too. it felt small & light. hmmm i thought...what could it be? then at the same time we were allowed to look. WOW! a GORGEOUS diamond ring lay in my hand. it was breathtaking at first sight. i looked over at my sisters hand where another stunning diamond ring lay. i could hardly believe my eyes. for us i thought? my grandmother began to explain. the diamond ring that lay in my sister's hand was her's that my grandfather gave her years earlier. the one that lay in my hand was our great grandmothers (my dad's dad's that? :)). Oh i LOVE things with a history behind them.

so pretty much i haven't taken my eyes off of this ring since it was placed on my hand (we i did take it in a got a few things fixed).

it's gold. i have a white gold engagement ring and band so my first thought was oh well i could change it to a white gold setting to match, but then i stopped myself and said NO WAY! I want it exactly the way my great grandmother got it 60+ years ago.

my grandmother told me that one day my great grandfather walked in and surprised my great grandmother with this ring. i smile everytime i think of this. i have never met either of them before just seen pictures, but i still remember when my sweet husband gave me the ring that sits on my left hand :)

i look forward to wearing this ring, and who knows maybe one day we will be blessed with a little girl who i can hand this down to one day!


on my list next...

this and this. oh and this...and even this! okay so i pretty much like EVERYTHING she makes!! so much for staying in that size 0 dress i fit into this weekend ;-)


Friday, April 09, 2010


my (mae) parents are in town for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday so we will be busy busy but i WILL update with pictures and all soon!

cousins playing so well together...

Have a great weekend...i KNOW we will :)


Wednesday, April 07, 2010