Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"a quarter for every time"

i would be one wealthy lady if i had a quarter for every time someone said to me "enjoy him...it goes by fast!"

Today eli & i walked to a store close by (btw side note: I LOVE being able to just walk to stores. It is great exercise, you get to enjoy the beautiful weather and it pretty much limits you to what you can buy because you have to be able to carry it back :). People walk LOTS of place in France and Lord willing I look forward to that day we do walk the streets!) Okay back to what i was saying. So we ventured out for some fresh air & to score another sweet deal on diapers. As we were in one store an older lady (typical) stopped me to 1. tell me how cute & beautiful my little baby boy is and 2. to let me know they grow up way to fast and that I need to enjoy him now! I politely smiled & nodded and went on my. And then i got to thinking...you know even though it feels like some days go by so slow...time is going by too fast! I mean it is hard for me to believe (and i almost ball every time i think about it) that he has already gone from

to this

he cracks me up...

the boy sure does love his toys!

can i have those lashes please. then mommy wouldn't need to spend money on mascara!

i mean y'all i am in some SERIOUS trouble when it comes to discipline if he looks at me like that!

so sweet. does he really have to grow up? i mean i want him this age forever because he is a little snuggle bunny!

and this is when he looks at me and says "mama really? enough with the flash!"

I just can't resist.

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Andi said...

omg...LOVE these pics!!!! I want to snuggle!!!