Saturday, May 30, 2009


  • friday we had another check up & our doctor said both Elijah & I are doing great!! He is growing like he should, & i'm gaining right on track :). I have one more week of my glorious 2nd trimester, and then on to the the 3rd & final. I can't believe how FAST this whole pregnancy is going. I really have enjoyed carrying this little guy in my belly & want him to stay in there for a little while longer...still have things to do to prepare for him!
  • we go back to the doctor in 2 weeks to get a shot (i have negative blood) & to do the sugar test...what a fun visit i know!  Then after that visit our appointments start every two weeks. 
  • Elijah's room is coming right is going to be done soon & then i will post pictures.
  • my first baby shower is in 6 weeks!!
  • our doc said i have about a month left that i can run, and then after that i need to move to some lower impact activities.  I would love to begin swimming, but i'm not gonna lie...i'm really going to miss running!
  • Daniel & I have the most precious niece ever!!  we couldn't stop snapping pics of her tonight.  
  • Madie is still adorable, energetic, bold, eager, lovable, & just down right fun!  we love taking picture of her because she is so photogenic. :)
  • I got my diaper bag!!!!! you can see it in the last photo below.
  • we are still praying for the Lord's guidance for new ways to go about support raising.  we have hit many dead ends, but we know God is not limited by this "economic crisis".  please join us in praying for clarity, patience & new contacts as we seek to glorify our Lord & Savior!

that's all the updating for now! have a great one.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

we're back!!

sad to be back because we miss the beach, BUT both of us were ready to get a good night sleep in our own cozy bed (yes i know we are spoiled but our bed is just so much more comfortable than really any bed we have ever slept in :)). we had a great trip & really enjoyed being with my family! here is one of my favorite pics from the trip...more to come later.
oh & here is a pic for my 26 weeks update. technically this is a day early but you get the idea. i am pretty sure Elijah likes the beach just as much as his mommy because he was a very active boy the whole time we were there :)

(notice we are under 100 days till his arrival...eekk!!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Beach bound!! Will be back next week with pictures :) have a great weekend all!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

what week 24 is looking like for me...

can't believe i made it on time this week :)

can't believe that we have between 13 to 16 weeks till we meet our little man! whew not much time at all...i need to get busy!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

23.1 weeks

I thought to change it up this week. I found this picture (on the left) from when I was 9 weeks pregnant & tried to "recreate" it. I think Daniel might have gotten a little frustrated with me after the 100th picture, but that is why he is so great :). So here is the best picture we could get of me at 23 weeks & 1 day (on the right).

Elijah is really growing these days.

Running is getting a bit more uncomfortable (probably because the extra weight and Eli is pushing on my bladder more), but I am going to persevere as long as i can because i love it so much! As i was running this afternoon, i couldn't help but think that when cars (or people walking) see me, do they know that I am pregnant or do they think "wow she has a really big gut?" I wonder what I would think. Who knows.

This week we also set in place the dates for both baby showers people are throwing for little Eli. I am really excited about both of them. One is going to be for just ladies & the other will be a couples shower. I am REALLY looking forward to both!!

That's all..

Monday, May 04, 2009

it's that time

swimsuit shopping. thats right i'm going to the beach 2 weeks from thursday, and well i don't think any of the bikini's i supported last summer will work for this year. i have been dreading getting a new MATERNITY swimsuit & honestly have been putting it off & putting it off (also wanted to wait till last minute to see how big i really will be!). the thought of me in a swimsuit right now (or ever) just makes my skin crinkle. but after trying them on at a little shop the other day, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. they make maternity swimsuits that really cover...& are as flattering as a 5 month pregnant woman could look.

I mean come on...i'm not going to the beach & just sit under the umbrella (even though that is what daniel seems to think :) i love you sweetie). even though i will be almost 6 months pregnant, i'm gonna be out there with the rest of them catching some rays! so like i said, i went to the store (with my sweet husband) and tried on like 10+ swimsuits & found 2 i really liked. not promising there will be any pic of me in a swimsuit (not that you would want to see that anyway) but i am embracing my rounding belly & really starting to love it! gonna go get them with my mom soon!

Very Enlightening Video

Sunday, May 03, 2009

26 :)

I can hardly believe that the 19 year old guy i met, fell in love with, married, & are now expecting a son with is 26 today!! How time has gone by so fast but what wonderful memories we have! This is our 7th birthday celebration together. I searched and searched today & finally found all his birthdays (well that we have been together)...
Daniel's 20th Birthday (yeah we are looking really young!)
21st Birthday
22nd Birthday
23rd Birthday
24th Birthday
25th Birthday
and here's his 26th Birthday!!
I had to include a few others from the party (especially the next one because Madie is just cracking us up! Daniel & I laughed so hard i thought we were gonna cry).

One of Daniel's many birthday gifts. Elijah is going to be riding in style :)
and finally since i failed to give you last weeks "preggo pic" here i am at 22.5 weeks

I just love feeling little Eli kick :) makes my heart smile!
Ok i think i have put so many pictures on here. What a great weekend (except i think daniel caught the same stomach bug i had last weekend which wasn't too fun to have on his birthday but he was a good sport!) Happy Birthday Daniel...I look forward to so many more with you.