Thursday, July 31, 2008

bridesmaid luncheon

yesterday we had a delightful time celebrating the soon marriage of Tim & Steph! Let me back up here and tell you how I came to be Steph's matron. Well you see in college, we had this brilliant idea to get a town home (not bad at all). But then we had this other bright idea to have 6 (yes I said 6) girls live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath town home. WE HAD A BLAST and not to mention rent was less than $200.00 a month per person. Anyways getting back to how I know steph...we actually not only lived together, but slept in the same bedroom. So we were college roomies. Oh the memories that were made! And now i get to be a part of their big day! I am so excited for them :)

This is so sweet...Stephanie's soon to be mother-in-law gave her a ring that had been passed down in their family.  Perfect fit!
Tim's mom also made this ADORABLE quilt for them!

Jess & I were on the same page, but we have no idea where Tiff & Steph got their ideas...haha
Amanda (maid of honor) had car trouble and is stuck 2 states away so missed the luncheon.  She will be at the wedding though!  We had so much fun...can't wait till saturday!

that's all

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

it only gets better

soon Daniel & I will be celebrating 2 wonderful years of marriage!  As part of our gift to each other, we had some professional pictures done...which let me just interject here that we love love love them!  so please go check them out! Here is the link...let us know what you think!!
click HERE for pictures
Oh yeah...make sure you turn up the volume when you watch the slideshow because there is a great song to go along with it.
starting tomorrow, i will be spending much of my time on wedding things.  Tim & Stephanie are getting married on Saturday and I CAN'T wait!!!!
that's all for now!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Georgia on my mind...

This past weekend Daniel and I enjoyed time with family in Georgia. We laughed (so much) and enjoyed each other's company. I will let the photo's speak for themselves!!
Myra (my cuz), Rachel (2nd cuz), Katlyn, & Robert (2nd cuz)

trying to be gangster...haha yeah right

sweet brother & sister (i love my cousins!)

We had to pause from decorating and chow down on Subway

getting ready to go swimming

me & robert

playing guitar hero...yeah i was way better than him :)

robert opening his b'day card

Rachel opening her b'day card (a month early)

nice rachel...eating some yummy food!

Ok so i feel like this one needs a little of explanation...the picture above is me trying to talk Logan (my 2nd cuz & ring bearer at our wedding) to take a picture with me...the picture below as you can tell is where he gave into my persuasion :)

Cherie (2nd cuz & flower girl), me, & Logan (Cherie's sis)

This picture (above) also needs some explanation...we look like a family (me being the mom...haha) anyway this is Rob (my cuz) & his 2 kids.

and here's the b'day boy blowing out his 19 candles

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were sad to leave, but know that we will see each other very soon at my brother's wedding...we can't wait!

Changing mother-in-law sent me a photo today (that is adorable i might add) about my little chef.  Remember a few blogs back where I talked about Daniel being a chef...well here is the proof!

one reason why if one day (Lord willing) we have a little boy i want him to look just like Daniel...he is just so stinking cute :)
that's all for now

Friday, July 25, 2008


Daniel and I have spent most of our morning DEEP cleaning our car. Can i just say there is nothing like a clean car especially when you are going on a trip! The things that you find in it are that lipstick i lost 3 months ago, or that earring that i thought for sure was a goner! You should have seen us...sweeting like pigs, but it was so worth it!
Here she is...
please notice the wheels...i spent good time hand scrubbing each of them :)
the inside (back seat)
trying to get the inside (front seat)
Tonight we are headed for Georgia (in our clean car).  Got to go pack!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

doggy reads

Madie has begun to take after Daniel's love for books...I caught her reading one today!

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BBQ & Goodbyes

Its been a busy week for us, but an exciting one at that! Monday night we got to eat some wonderful bbq (well actually i got a grilled chicken salad, but everyone else go some form of bbq...haha) from Dreamland while enjoying fellowship with some really dear friends.

and then after BBQ...we headed to TCBY for some treats!

yes Dustin your shirt does match the colors of the walls!

Then on tuesday night we drove down to see Wes & Clare before Clare headed out to Colorado. We had a blast hanging out & having a cook out. We even whipped out the Wii & battled it out :)

i love this one!
It was hard saying bye to Clare, but we will see her soon!
Tomorrow Daniel and I are leaving for Georgia to spend some quality time with family...i'm so excited.  I will post pictures of our trip when we get back!

Monday, July 21, 2008

a day in the life...

many people have asked "what do you do now that you are part time", so i took some pictures of what Daniel, Madie & I do (although it changes).
Today we worked on the newsletter & read some...
Here is Daniel working hard...he also finished one of his books today and was very persistent on telling me all about it, but i told him that i had not finished it so don't ruin it..haha
here i am working on the newsletter.  I also sat outside for a while (working on my tan lines for the up coming weddings i am in) addressing envelopes & reading

And this is what Madie does during the day...

stares at you until you play with her
eats (occasionally)
and there is one other thing she does, but i will spare you of that picture.  You can use your imagination...haha
so hopefully i cleared up some questions you might have had.  that's it for now, i am off to get a shower and meet some old friends (dustin & brooke) for dinner!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Husband the Baker

I don't know what it is, but over the past few months Daniel has basically transformed into a baker. Seriously! He is baking (bread or something bread related) at least twice a week if not more. He says that he is trying to cut down on cost by making our breads from scratch (and making them healthier). I am prone to think he is preparing for the to move to France...where the bread is amazing!!! Whatever the reason is..i must say i have thoroughly enjoyed watching him bake away (and i get to eat all to creations too!!).  Daniel's brother was at the house earlier today and made a joke about him opening his own bakery...i think that would be sweet (if God hadn't already called us to the field).  As I sit here and type this, I am watching him make organic 100% whole wheat cinnamon raisin bagels (yum!)...

And here is the final product!...

For me...I am sticking to what I know.  While he was waiting on the bread to rise, I made (from scratch) Oatmeal Raisin cookies!

that's it for now.
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