Monday, April 19, 2010

i heart mondays

because i get to hang out/snuggle all day with this little guy.

i could just eat up that laugh of his and the way he is beginning to talk :)

speaking of that little guy...he had a an eventful weekend!

friday we celebrated (from afar) Mia's 1st birthday (eli's cousin)
*a few of the pictures below are taken with my iphone so excuse the quality!

it was early and i think we are still waking up
then he went to lunch with daddy and mommy
saturday we went to the park

and got a new toy

then on sunday we went to church and enjoyed a nice lunch with new friend! of course i brought my camera but forgot to take it out :( we snapped a couple of shots when we got home.

Oh and did i mention last week this crazy kid said his first word..."da da"

okay i'm off. more to come this week...

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