Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the way it is

we've been a little MIA around here recently due to the fact that well you seen we all caught this awful stomach bug. we thought eli was the one who caught it first, but come to find out he wasn't. In fact he was the last one that had it. His seemed to linger on a little longer than ours did but we are FINALLY over it all.

I was the "lucky" one who drove the car he was in on our way home. lets just say that boy had some interesting smells being pumped into the air every hour or so. (did i mention it was almost a 12 hour drive!). We stopped every couple of hours and changed him because the little stinker messed on his outfits EVERY time!!! I thought we might run out of clothes for the boy & well if you have seen his closet...that is pretty impressive stuff.

each time we would go to check his diaper we would look...

and look again...

make this face...

and then almost loose it...

I seriously can't tell you how many outfits and diapers we have been through. Its a good thing i always stock up on diapers when they are on sale!
so here is proof...notice little man's outfit :)

we still love our stink bomb and are glad EVERYONE is better!

*I do want to mention here that the faces eli is making in several of these picture is from tasting lemonade for the first time. my crazy husband (upon my objection) decided the kid needed a little swig...he loved it but always made that face. it was too cute :)


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Anonymous said...

I love the lemonade pics! So great to have the camera handy!