Saturday, December 23, 2006

Better late than never

It is funny how much Daniel and I have changed over the last 4 years. Actually the picture where i am a blonde-below- was after we had been dating for at least a year and a half, so it was not the first picture we took--but i will look for one and try to post it at another time. The picture at the top is very recent.

I know this post is late, but I have been a little tied up. Anyways, Daniel and I have been dating 4 years on December 13th (yes i know it has already past). I know the count restarts when you get married, but Daniel wants to continue "celebrating" or at least remembering when we first started dating.

I remember it like it was yesterday--when Daniel first asked for my number as we sat in his green camaro in my parent's driveway. The butterflies were going crazy in my stomach as i began to tell him my number--that was not our first date though. Our first date was December 13, 2002, which was on a Friday. He came to my house and met the fam, then we migrated to his house and i met his family. I still remember sitting in his room with him and his brother and not say but two words to Daniel (because i was nervous), but rather talked to his brother the whole night. As he drove me home, i remember thinking how i really liked this guy, but i did not want to get my hopes up, because i had my heart broken once before. As we said goodbye, he asked to see me again--oh the joy i felt. And that is how it began.

It did not take either of us long at all to figure out that we wanted to get married, which was great and wonderful, but we have one "small" dilemma--i was only 16 years old and he was 19. My parents would never go for that, not to mention we really were too young. I look back now and think how we had 3 wonderful years of getting to know one another and we still dont know it all. I would not change a thing--although i remember wondering when we would get married. All that to say it was worth the wait and God has joined us till death do us part, and i could not be happier!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Finish Line

I have one more exam to take for this semester, and I find myself extremely that wrong?? I like school when things arent pilling up and causing me a heart attack, which only seems to be at the beginning. I pay, or maybe I should say my parents pay alot of money for me to go to school, so you would think I enjoy it, which I do don't get me wrong. But there is this other side of me that knows I am almost done and I can't help but be excited. To know that I only have one more semester of school left is weird but somewhat of a relief.

I am ready to move on to a different city (which if you dont know we are--chicago) and get a "big girl" job whatever that means. Having LOTS of kids, someday not now, would be nice and to experience life with Daniel somewhere else, not that here is bad...i love Birmingham but just need a change. Anyways these are my random thoughts that I had to get out.

On a side note, we are leaving for chicago--just a trip not for good--on Dec. 28th which is really soon!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Just around the corner

Christmas is just around the corner, and i can't wait! I love to see family that i have not seen in a while, and not to mention the food is unbelievable! Presents are always nice, but the most important thing about Christmas and the whole reason we even celebrate it is the birth of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. Dont forget what Christmas is really about....

Going along with this thought, Daniel and I put up our first Christmas tree as a married couple. It was really exciting picking out ornaments and decorations. We wanted our tree to be Christ centered, so the first ornament we bought for our tree was one of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus on an open Bible with a passage from Luke written on sounds a little strange when i describe it, but it is really neat!

We did not really want any ornaments with Santa Clause on them, so we said that our Christmas tree would be crosses and other decorative ornaments. It is really cute and we had a blast doing to the next thing...wrapping presents. For the most part my shopping is completed, but i will be spending my free time in wrapping exciting.