Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Now what...

I feel like everytime I write on here it consists of updates, so i did not want to title this post UPDATES like all the other one's.

Anyways, I know I have not written in a while due to LIFE but I do want to inform you about a few new things. We went to Wheaton, IL a couple weeks ago to be officially appointed as TEAM missionaries. This process consisted of taking a test and meeting/interviewing with about 8 to 10 different people. The other day we got an email confirming that we are officially appointed and there are absolutly no concerns. WE COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!! Our trip was extremely informing and affirming! We learned how much support we will need each month and even our one time gifts. While we were there, Daniel and I both felt that God was truly confirming to us that this is what He has called us to do! We will be back up there in about 3 weeks for our canadate school--I am SUPER excited!!! Then in November we will be in France for 2 weeks. All the plans have been set in place for that which it wonderful!!!

In other news, Madie (our baby) is growing so big! I just took her to the doctor and she weighs 40.2 lbs. I love her so much even though the other day she chewed up my favorite pair of shoes from Ann Taylor, yes I said MY FAVORITE PAIR.

I heard a quote from a child the other day that almost--ok it did bring tears to my eyes:
Dogs are wonderful because you can leave them in a cage all day, and as soon as you get home and let them out, all they want to do is give you kisses and show you love. I thought that is pretty sweet!!

I don't know how much time I will have to update this blog because we have been assigned a lot of reading and studying to do on church planting, roman catholicism, Islam, new age, secularism, spiritism and much more from our visit to TEAM. This is going to be wonderful and we have already begun!!

I will post pictures from all our adventures...please be in prayer for us!