Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

bouncing boy

eli is a boy who loves his bouncer. i am pretty sure if we let him, he would stay in that thing all day. this video isn't terribly exciting (i'm sure to some you boredom will set in, but hopefully others will enjoy it!). i like the end when he starts giggling...and in case you are wondering i am making faces at him :) enjoy
**oh yea i forgot to say that we typically don't let him just play all around in just a diaper (especially when it is 10 degrees outside) but he had just messed up his outfit and we were in transition to the next.


those with babies...

i have something you might be interested in.

over the past 5 months daniel and i have truly been blessed with an abundant amount of diapers and wipes given to us, that we haven't really had to buy either...until now. well let me restate that. we have plenty to last us for a bit longer (maybe a couple of months at least), but there are some SERIOUSLY great deals out there right now that i just decided to take advantage of! we typically buy (or they were graciously given to us) Pampers diapers & wipes, but i have learned with saving money you have to be flexible on brands. i haven't ever used Huggies but will be in the future! Here are the deals i stacked up on this week:

from Walgreens:
3 Jumbo packs of huggies diapers originally 12.49 ea but were on sale for 8.99 ea. After coupons & ecb's I paid 4.99 ea.
4 tubs of huggies wipes orginally 3.99 ea but were on sale for 2/$5. I paid .93 ea after coupons.

from Target:
1 46 count of huggies pure and natural at 18.49. After coupons it was 12.49 BUT i had 20.00 ingift cards from purchasing formula (target is doing that deal again so take advantage of it if you need some!) so these were FREE for me!

total of all before coupons, ecb's & gift cards: $71.92
GRAND TOTAL after coupons, ecb's & gc: $26.42 (plus tax)
savings of $45.50

What a great deal!

Friday, January 29, 2010

oh so much

*disclaimer: below is a loooonnnng post with pictures every so often so proceed with caution.

Goodness there is just so much I want to share with you, that i wish we were face to face rather than me typing this out. BUT since we aren't i will try and make the best of it.

daniel reading to eli

Our world has changed since the big move in that we have our own place now, we live in a big/new city where we pretty much know not a soul, daniel is studying all the time because seminary is demanding, eli man is becoming such a fun little guy to be around (not that he wasn't before but even more fun...if that's possible), madie lounges around all day occasionally moving to see what we are up to and i spend lots of my time making baby food, baking, couponing, cleaning, laundry, reading & spending time with other moms that have husbands in seminary. life right now is fun :) i am not going to sit here and say every day is just peachy, but i am learning to love where God has us at this moment.

look i can stand :)

we found a church we will most likely settle in. last week was our first visit and it didn't take us long to know that this is where we can get involved with others our age. its a small, quaint church with solid preaching (well we have only heard one weeks worth) and seems like a great community. we look forward to getting to know the church. in fact this sunday they are having a super bowl party that we will attend which hopefully can open some doors for us.

  • daniel is getting back into his groove with school. being out for 4 years and then diving back in takes sometime to adjust but he is handling it well. he comes home excited to tell me about what he is learning. I know all of this is just preparing us for the field one day (Lord willing). even though he only has class 2 days a week (still 14 hours of classes this semester) he spends his other days reading, studying and writing papers. the Lord has blessed daniel with the ability to excels in school and i know he will do great!!
  • we praise God for the opportunity for him to be in school right now. honestly i never thought it would be possible (financially) but ME of little faith. we do feel blessed!
daddy & eli
  • eli will be 5 months tomorrow...okay where has the time gone? daniel and I chat often about what life was like before eli and honestly we can't remember. he has brought us so much joy words don't even do it justice!
  • he has begun to sit up but not fully on his own. mommy or daddy need to be there to spot him so he doesn't bump his head on the ground.
  • he smiles when he sees us which is so sweet.
  • eli is currently eating oatmeal, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes & peas. we will be introducing green beans in a few days. he actually likes peas (he must not be my son because i despises them!). he's not a big fan of squash (which i like :)).
  • eli loves his bouncer. we put him in there and he jumps as high as he can over and over and over.
  • he loves rolling all around on the ground. the other day daniel put him on his tummy to play and had to walk out of the room for a min. i walked in the room and noticed he was a little off his blanket. hmmm i thought. he hasn't ever done that before. so i put him back on and notice that he has figured out how to push backwards with his hands. i wouldn't call that crawling, but i'm sure he will be there sooner than we know.
  • eli thinks madie is funny. not really sure why but when he sees her he's really cute!
Eli 5 months old
  • madie celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday. i made homemade sugar cookies and gave her 3 (they were small). i topped them with a couple m&m's. lets just say she LOVED it!
  • she either spends her days following daniel or myself around in the house or just being lazy. right now as i type this she is sleeping on the floor in the sun. the sun doesn't shine much in our condo, but she never fails at finding that spot where it does.
  • madie has also learned to go to the potty REALLY fast which is great for all of us. it's 5 degrees outside today! she just goes right out and does her business and then comes straight back in.
madie's birthday
I guess this is the part where i talk about myself. Let's see. i have gotten on this baking kick (as i posted last time). I have begun making things from scratch because in the long run it's cheaper. I made 8 loaves of whole wheat bread that are stacked neatly in our freezer. when we desire some of that luscious bread, all we have to do is take it out and cook for 20 minutes. it easy, cheap, & healthy. I also have lots of homemade cookie dough stored up for when we want a little snack. I have really made an effort (or at least trying) to find ways to cut back on our spending. I make eli's baby food, put it in ice cube trays, freeze it and then dump them into freezer safe baggies for when we need them. so so so much cheaper than buying the very much over priced jars of baby food in the stores. here is a much detailed version of what i do.

another thing i have done to save a whole bunch of money is get serious about couponing. before i would clip a coupon here and there and save a few extra dollars which is great, but i have now REALLY saved us some $$ by following others who basically do it for a living. here is an example i was telling a friend about that i purchased 2 weeks ago:

total cost of everything above: $88.72
what i paid after coupons & ecb's: $14.65
(that's a savings of $74.07) not to mention this is enough toilet paper to last us almost a whole year!
I have many more to share but that is to come.
I have joined a bible study for the wives of seminary students which is so refreshing. it is nice to dig into the word with other ladies. not only that, i have also gotten involved in a playdate that meets with other babies and their mommies. God is good and providing for all our needs. so i guess that is about it for now. below i have posted some VERY random pictures that have been on our other camera for a while and i just loaded them to the computer.

deena, eli & jack at yogurt mountain
playdate: ashley, jack, beth, maddy, me & eli
the kiddos playing
eli & noah hanging out
saying goodbye :( i knew our boys would be great friend...look they are holding hands!
clare came to see us before we left!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

bake what?

do you ever have writers block? maybe you do maybe you don't...but i do! i get these great ideas in my head throughout the day, but as soon as i sit down to type it won't come out. frustrating. here is what i can get out..
I have learned a lot already about myself living in a different city away from family and friends. I LOVE to bake...okay i know that sounds weird, but really i do. I knew i did before and would bake just here and there, but now it is just different. refreshing. i love a mess on the counter tops & the smell of something in the oven. I have been on a baking high. the past (almost) 2 weeks i have made a fudge pie, homemade sugar cookies (had to chunk them because i tried to substitute something and well...ewww), devils food cake with butter cream frosting, and more homemade sugar cookies (had to redeem myself). And who gets the joy of eating all this?? That's right...DANIEL. He's not complaining (i think he likes it). so much for me giving up sweets for the new year :). Here's to our new adventure and learning more about myself.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

thank you Lord

for this blessing each and everyday. We don't remember what life was like without him!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

the hunt

These days i feel like we are on "the hunt" for a church, jobs, the right grocery store with the right deals & coupons, a place to work out...and the list goes on! Yesterday we visited our first church in a new city and we were REALLY surprised. Could be our church home up here, but we will just wait and see. We also put Eli in the nursery for the first time and surprisingly i did not cry :) he did so well (and mommy did too :)). Here's to new adventures in a new city!

(eli is ready for church)


Thursday, January 07, 2010


whoa! the last few weeks have just been a whirlwind for us and blogging was put on the back burner..sorry. Let me see if i can recap all that has happened.

we celebrated Christmas with my family & daniel's family which was just wonderful! We are truly blessed with such wonderful families that surround & support us.

After Christmas Daniel went out of town for work & i got to catch up on a little more time with my parents before our big move. We had a welcome home party (but not for good) for some great friends of our who live in Colorado. The next night some friends of ours threw us a going away party (how ironic right?).

Then soon after that we loaded up and began our 13 hour trek to a very cold place. This southern girl is not use to the cold much less the snow so it has been a huge adjustment to say the least! We (or maybe i should say Daniel, Mr. Davis & my Dad) unloaded the two trucks in 11 degree weather. Oh and did i mention we unloaded from OUTSIDE. We had a few special days here with our family until sadly we had to say goodbye. I thought i would just loose it but i have kept it together for the most part! ichat is a great thing that i just couldn't live without.

Eli began eating baby food. he really has done really well!

Now here we are...settling in our condo and really enjoying ourselves. i hope to be back to blogging as we just got the internet today, so please stay tuned for our new life in the cold north. i'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for us here! below are a few pics for you to enjoy :)