Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A little late (ok way late)...

I wanted to say congratulations to Ryan and Sam for getting engaged! (In case you dont know this is Daniel's bestfriend and a really good friend of mine too.) They are great and we can't wait for them to experience marriage because it is wonderful! The big day is Dec. 1...if you want to stay updated on their plans or read the really really long engagment story (its great Sam)visit their website!

Friday, July 20, 2007


This was at UCF...we heard this in person and it is pretty AWESOME!! Praise God for people who are bold enough to preach the truth!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sleep is GOOD!!

Last week was an extremely exciting but also draining week...we had VBS at our Church where many kids came to know Christ as their Lord and Savior. Praise God for that!! I was at the Church(or working) long hours last week, so this past week I got to take off Monday and Tuesday.

I have not slept later than about 8 (maybe 8:30 at times unless of course I was up really late the night before which is not very likely if you know me) since high school, but I slept till 10:30 on Monday and 10:00 on Tuesday. WOW do I feel refreshed!

I hit the gym early this morning (waking up at 4:45) and feel wonderful...so I say all of this to tell you that if you cant get up early or are constantly feeling tired, take a couple of days off and sleep in. It really helps (or at least it helped me)

Friday, July 13, 2007

something new...

Today I did something I haven't ever done before...I went and got a mystic tan. It was quiet the experience (ask me if you are planning on doing this so i can prepare you before you go). Daniel and I are having our mission's picture made tomorrow, and since I am in the office all week and my skin never see's the sun...i had to get a tan!! There was not enough time to go to the tanning bed or ever lay out at the pool so the next best option was to get a spray tan. My dad will be so proud of me (he hates any form of sun tanning because he does not want me to get skin cancer which is understadable, but I really dont think he realizes how much a mystic tan costs.)

On a different subject I wanted to update you on our mission status...as the previous post says, we did get accepted!!! We are going to chicago at the end of august to be appointed (which is going to be quiet the experience in its because daniel has never flown on an airplane, and although i flew all the time growing up my love for flying has greatly decreased to no love at all) Anyways, we have started our contact database and have begun putting together our material as we raise support. We will be going to France for 2 weeks in November and cant wait!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

We got....

ACCEPTED!! yeah...we are so excited that we got accepted to TEAM to be missionaries in France!!! We could not be any happier, but know that raising our support is not going to be easy.

On a different note...we had a fun filled weekend (well i guess this depends on who you ask. I had a blast but daneil...not so much) Our good friends Clint and Theresa said "I DO" on Saturday. We were privileged enough to witness their unforgetable ceremony. Here are pictures from the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.
oh...here is my new hair cut too!!!