Saturday, October 21, 2006


Our School has a "real" basketball team this year! We are in some division...i dont know what it is though. Anyways they played their first game last night and the girls played really well but lost, but the guys won 70 something to 50 something! It was awesome!!....oh and a side note, i got to see my most favorite roommate from last year (Steph) so i was super excited!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Family Fun....

So last night my family and I had an interesting yet enjoyable outing. It was very interesting in many ways. First we all met at Ruby Tuesday (for those who dont know this is a restaurant) on Southside. I was really excited because my whole family and their significant "others" haven’t been together in a while. So we ate dinner and enjoyed good fellowship and conversations that have been missed. Here are pictures of us at dinner.

Lindsey and Shaffer(my brother)

Joel and Leslie(my sister)

Lindsey and Leslie

Daniel and I

My Mom(Debra) and Dad(Kyle)

Then the fun really began.....Daniel, my Mom, and I all came from work so we had our own cars, and My dad, Shaffer, his girlfriend Lindsey, Leslie and her boyfriend Joel all pilled into my Grandmothers Lexus SUV because my family no longer had an SUV since someone hit it a couple of months ago and totaled it. You might be wandering why i am telling you all of this...because when my mom bought the Eric Clapton tickets she only bought 1 parking pass--thinking that we would still have the Expedition. So we all had to pill into this 5 passenger Lexus where my mom and dad sat comfortably in the front and the "kids" meaning us sat in a crammed back seat. It wasn’t that bad until my dad began to test out the breaks to see how well they really would work....this was on purpose by the way. It was somewhat awkward as I was facing Lindsey with Daniel on my left and Joel under my right leg for we were so packed in. Anyways we arrived at the concert finally found our seats with plenty of time left to spare. We listened to the guy that came on before Eric and he was good, although my attention span is very limited when there are crowds around. It drives Daniel crazy because I am a huge people watcher! I was somewhat uncomfortable because everyone and when I say everyone I mean everyone was drinking around us and spilling there beer everywhere. That part wasn’t so bad..infact this is horrible, but I could not help but laugh as people tripped or stumbled down the stairs...that horrible I know but it was pretty entertaining. Anyways Eric Clapton definitely has a wide range of fans...many older people still thinking that they are 20. The music was great and Daniel had a smile on his face every time I looked at him because he loves Eric Clapton. That makes me happy because he is adorable when he smiles. When the concert was over we made our way through the packed crowd..getting separated a couple times and encountering a stink bomb along the way, pilled back in the car and we were on our way home. It was an adventure!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Our Wedding PART 2

me and my bridesmaids right before the wedding

My Dad was practicing his kiss for when he will "give me away"

This picture is so funny to me because it makes Daniel look really small. He is 6'2 so he is not short, but his two best friends:Ryan and Dustin are both like 6'5 or 6'6.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Other Weddings

Daniel's cousin Ashley got married last weekend, and these are pictures from her wedding.

daniel and I

Daniel and his brother Andrew (they both were in the wedding)

Our early Christmas gift

Daniel and I definitly bought this as our Christmas gift to each other this year. We went ahead and got it early and we are patiently waiting for it to get here. It is suppose to arrive either tomorrow or thursday. We got the 24" which is the one furthest to the right!


So here is our dog Buddy...well kinda our dog see Daniel and I live with my parents right now until we move. NO it is not bad at all if you were asking yourself that. We have everything of our own except for a washer and dryer. Anyways geting back to Buddy. He is pretty much our dog since he seems to be with us all the time and we take care of him every weekend while my parents go to football games. We got him from the humaine society...he was an abused dog which makes me really unhappy. He has a great home now though. I will be sad to leave him in May because he is so special to me...Daniel says that sometimes he thinks i like Buddy more than i like him--this is not true. I would love to have a dog but we will just have to wait and see about how many expenses we have.


Daniel and I went to the Smoky Mountains for our honeymoon. We stayed in a cute little cabin which was so romantic! While we were there, we ate at many good resturantes, hiked, and went out each night for entertainment! These are more pictures from our wonderful experience


Daniel and I were married on August 12. We met in December of 2002, fell in love, dated for 3 years and 8 months and then got married. Marriage has been incredible and would encourage anyone to do it!!