Saturday, November 28, 2009

bebe time

eli hanging out with daniel in his bebe. i think he likes it!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

it's beginning..

to look a lot like Christmas.
i am pretty sure people decorate for Christmas earlier & earlier every year! i think they might start in august next year :). but that's ok with me because it it the most wonderful time of the year! and as it draws near i think about just how different it is and will be than last year. Christmas 2008 there were only 2 of us (well and one in my belly but i didn't know it...i guess we did find out dec. 22nd so i did know at christmas last year but it was VERY new). I never knew how different our lives would be just one Christmas later! and even more change is about to take place as we are slowly pack up our lives here in the lovely south and head north to a COLD...i mean COLD place!!
So in the spirit of Christmas and as we usually do...we took our christmas card picture (well at least tried). It is pretty difficult with a grumpy baby (he was not having the best day) and a dog who is more interested in her surrounding than the camera to get a good picture, so we are going to try another day! but here are a few shots (a "sneak preview" if you will) that were taken but don't cut it...

OH & one more thing....OUR BABY ROLLED OVER TODAY!!!! :) You should have heard my excitement as i cheered the little guy on! I sure am a proud mommy (if you couldn't tell already).

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Thank You Babywise!

Baby is peacefully sleeping...ahhh so nice!
I was catching up with my cousin the other day who gave birth to her little girl Ella Kate just a week & a half after Eli was born. We were chatting about babywise (because we both are doing it) & can I just brag for a few moments on how great I think it is. If you don't know what I am talking about then let me fill you in.
On Becoming Babywise is a book I would recommend to any mom who desires a good nights sleep & a routine that you basically get to make yourself! Before Eli was born, I read the first half of the book and thought to myself "oh I got this"...ha what did I know! I began implementing the eat, play, sleep routine & Eli picked that up really quick. I thought this was a piece of cake & it was for the first couple of weeks. I started to wonder if our baby would ever cry :) then all the sudden he began crying more & sleeping a little less. I think I paniced & picked him up almost everytime he would cry. Mistake # 1: it's ok for babies to cry if they are not in pain or danger. so I found myself not able to get anything done because I was constantly running back & forth putting his paci in & comforting him. He would never get a solid sleep & would be grumpy. Mistake# 2: I would also be pretty incosistent about feeding him (meaning I wouldn't feed him at the same time each day).. One day it would be every 2 hours & the next 2.5 and then a mix. He wasn't really on any kind of routine & I felt trapped in the house which isn't good for anyone. So after a couple of weeks of this happening over & over, I thought hmmm...maybe I should read the rest of that book. So I picked it up and began reading. Wow! I was making a bunch of mistakes! (but it's ok. It can be fixed). That day I began putting into practice what the author of the book had said to do & I kid you not Eli picked up on thise things almost immediately. I have to say I was quiet impressed. He was sleeping about 6 hours during the night at 4 to 5 weeks & then about 8 to 9 hours at 7 weeks. He's 10 weeks today & sleeping like a champ. He is a baby & still cries...they are suppose to, but he seems so much more alert & happy during his play time. I will say though we haven't quiet mastered the 1.5 to 2 hour naps after each playtime, but we are working on it. Eli eats every 3 hours beginning at 7:00 am. He plays for about an hour & then sleeps about 1.5 hours. Now that he is in a routine, we are both so much more satisfied :) have you or are you using babywise? Did it work for you?... I'm curious to know!