Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Working 50+ hours this week plus getting over a stomach bug equals no time for blogging!! But I promise to be back soon :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


lets see...
  • Daniel & I are officially an uncle & aunt! Mia Davis was born last Thursday & she is just precious! Daddy, Mommy & baby are doing well :)
  • we got Elijah's bedding. now we are deciding on paint colors & other accents to make his room perfect.
  • Elijah is kicking me, and just about 5 minutes ago Daniel got to feel the little guy. What a great moment for both of us!
  • we are going to the beach twice this summer. BUT you won't see me in a bikini (even though many of you have voiced you think that would be very cute) but rather i will be supporting a tankini...with probably a cover up!
  • support raising is coming slowly but surely. please continue to pray for perseverance through this uncertain time.
  • madie is still her adorable little self. i love our dog!
  • And finally..I'm 21 weeks

well 4:40am comes really early in the morning so i am headed to bed! night night

Friday, April 17, 2009

20.5 weeks

here i am...yup still growing. we go back to the doctor next friday for a check-up. really nothing new to report. :)mae

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Weekend (so far...)

WOW! It's already been a busy weekend and it is not even over yet. Last night Daniel took me out for my birthday dinner. We had so much fun talking & laughing about the last 6 1/2 years we have had together, and look forward to many more (with Elijah & any other children the Lord bless us with). Daniel told me yesterday that he still thinks of me as that cute 16 year old :) I can live with that!
Then today we spent time at my parents church helping with a 5k run. While there we got GREAT news that our dear friends were having their little (or not so little) baby boy! We got see Ryan, Sam & Noah in the hospital and it was a blessing! All looked great & HEALTHY!

Tonight my sweet in-laws took us all out for my birthday celebration. I loved it! Here is how i'm looking after all that yummy food!! haha
And lastly...i am one of those REALLY stubborn pregnant women who refuse to transition into the "maternity" clothes. I just haven't been able to let go of my regular clothes, so i put myself through this. I know it's crazy, but it's working for me for now :)
Tomorrow is birthday celebration with my family but most importantly celebrating the fact that JESUS HAS RISEN!!! Hope you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Elijah's Room (part 1)

So here is the picture i promised. it is a work in progress, but here is the glider & this great find side table we got the other day. The chair is so cozy...i've already caught daniel sleeping in it :). The walls are going to be a different color, but you get the idea.we also have his changing table, but are going to refinish it so pictures to come later.
I have decided on bedding...i think :) thanks to a friend that led me in the direction of restoration hardware.

more pics to come as the room progresses!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

19 weeks

Geezz...where has the time gone already? Eli & I are growing bigger and bigger every day! I have begun feeling Eli move inside of me, which i might say is the most interesting (but delightful) feeling i have ever felt! He mostly likes to wiggle around when i am lying down or just resting...oh & of course when i am trying to go to sleep at night :) It really doesn't bother me (right now) because i know it's a good thing to feel his movements. Eli is making it a little more difficult these days for me to run. As soon as i begin it is like he pushes on my bladder...come on boy, mommy needs her exercise!
We got our SWEET glider the other day, and i might say it looks fabulous in Eli's room. I will take pics soon & post them. Now i am on the search for the "perfect" bedding. I thought i had found exactly what i wanted, but i have changed my mind. I'm on the hunt so if you have any ideas (of places i could search) let me know.

I'm really excited about this weekend which will be spent with family & friends celebrating Easter!

OH! MY SISTER & BRADFORD ARE ENGAGED!!! details to come...

here i am at 19 weeks (well actually this was taken on sunday but close enough).


Friday, April 03, 2009

it's a...

BOY!!! Yup that is right...Daniel & I have a son :) Elijah Luke Davis looks great & is definitely a BOY! The nurse had no problem at all determining the sex of our little one! It seems so much more real now that we can call our son by name...and pray specifically for him!
What a LONG but great day! We found out at 8:30am this morning & had to keep it a secret ALL day till our party at 6:30pm tonight! We invited our entire family (& extended family) over to enjoy the celebration of this little boy! What a sweet time we had together...boy i love our families!
I now can feel Eli moving all around in my belly...which is a great feeling by the way! I will try and post pics from the party soon, but here i am at 18.5 weeks. Yeah i know i am really poking out there...he must have had a growth spurt or something :)
Ok i'm off to bed...i'm exhausted!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


In a week and a half i will be halfway through this pregnancy. I have to confess that i am already looking forward to that day when I can sleep on my belly again! Yup that's right...I am a belly sleeper (although Daniel just doesn't see how that is even remotely possible :)). I have been getting slight back pain at night so my sweet husband went out and got me the Snoogle Total Body Pillow. It helps me to stay in place at night (i've been known to roll around) and keeps me off my stomach, but i just don't see how anyone enjoys sleeping on their sides! that's it...
any suggestions you other belly sleepers?