Monday, April 12, 2010

Not just a ring

*this post is in no way to sound materialist, because i do realize when we leave this place we can't take this or anything else with us. also, please excuse the quality of the pictures. i couldn't find our good lens or camera and didn't want to disturb the hubs in class :) also the pictures don't do the ring justice at all!

Last weekend while we were visiting family down south, my sister and i both got very special gifts from my grandmother (dad's mom).

As we were celebrating my birthday early on sunday, my grandmother pulled my sister and myself aside and said she had something for us. i honestly had NO to say i was surprised is an understatement. She first reached for Leslie's hand and placed something in it. before Leslie could look she reached for mine and placed something in it too. it felt small & light. hmmm i thought...what could it be? then at the same time we were allowed to look. WOW! a GORGEOUS diamond ring lay in my hand. it was breathtaking at first sight. i looked over at my sisters hand where another stunning diamond ring lay. i could hardly believe my eyes. for us i thought? my grandmother began to explain. the diamond ring that lay in my sister's hand was her's that my grandfather gave her years earlier. the one that lay in my hand was our great grandmothers (my dad's dad's that? :)). Oh i LOVE things with a history behind them.

so pretty much i haven't taken my eyes off of this ring since it was placed on my hand (we i did take it in a got a few things fixed).

it's gold. i have a white gold engagement ring and band so my first thought was oh well i could change it to a white gold setting to match, but then i stopped myself and said NO WAY! I want it exactly the way my great grandmother got it 60+ years ago.

my grandmother told me that one day my great grandfather walked in and surprised my great grandmother with this ring. i smile everytime i think of this. i have never met either of them before just seen pictures, but i still remember when my sweet husband gave me the ring that sits on my left hand :)

i look forward to wearing this ring, and who knows maybe one day we will be blessed with a little girl who i can hand this down to one day!


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Jake and Mandy said...

Eli is so precious! I have actually been reading your blog for a few weeks now. Love it! Jacob and I live far from home too, so we can definitely relate to some of your experiences that way. Happy Tuesday! :)