Wednesday, May 06, 2009

23.1 weeks

I thought to change it up this week. I found this picture (on the left) from when I was 9 weeks pregnant & tried to "recreate" it. I think Daniel might have gotten a little frustrated with me after the 100th picture, but that is why he is so great :). So here is the best picture we could get of me at 23 weeks & 1 day (on the right).

Elijah is really growing these days.

Running is getting a bit more uncomfortable (probably because the extra weight and Eli is pushing on my bladder more), but I am going to persevere as long as i can because i love it so much! As i was running this afternoon, i couldn't help but think that when cars (or people walking) see me, do they know that I am pregnant or do they think "wow she has a really big gut?" I wonder what I would think. Who knows.

This week we also set in place the dates for both baby showers people are throwing for little Eli. I am really excited about both of them. One is going to be for just ladies & the other will be a couples shower. I am REALLY looking forward to both!!

That's all..

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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!