Monday, May 04, 2009

it's that time

swimsuit shopping. thats right i'm going to the beach 2 weeks from thursday, and well i don't think any of the bikini's i supported last summer will work for this year. i have been dreading getting a new MATERNITY swimsuit & honestly have been putting it off & putting it off (also wanted to wait till last minute to see how big i really will be!). the thought of me in a swimsuit right now (or ever) just makes my skin crinkle. but after trying them on at a little shop the other day, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. they make maternity swimsuits that really cover...& are as flattering as a 5 month pregnant woman could look.

I mean come on...i'm not going to the beach & just sit under the umbrella (even though that is what daniel seems to think :) i love you sweetie). even though i will be almost 6 months pregnant, i'm gonna be out there with the rest of them catching some rays! so like i said, i went to the store (with my sweet husband) and tried on like 10+ swimsuits & found 2 i really liked. not promising there will be any pic of me in a swimsuit (not that you would want to see that anyway) but i am embracing my rounding belly & really starting to love it! gonna go get them with my mom soon!


Jamie & Joy George said...

I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant and I am still swimming at the rec center. I never bought a swimsuit. I still wear an old(er) tankini - and although my belly does hang out, it still fits. :) So...if you don't want to waste money on a swimsuit that you'll most likely never wear again, just buy a cheap tankini.
?? Just a suggestion...

Leslie and Daniel Crawford said...

I am totallly going to the beach in a few weeks as well and have not yet bought a swimsuit! You think its bad at 5 months....wait until 8! HA! I'm sure you look beautiful though! You always do! I enjoy hearing all about Eli on your blog! And I am terrible about updating my own! I am behind like 4 weeks now. You are a much better blogger than me! Let me know where you find your good bathing suits!