Saturday, May 30, 2009


  • friday we had another check up & our doctor said both Elijah & I are doing great!! He is growing like he should, & i'm gaining right on track :). I have one more week of my glorious 2nd trimester, and then on to the the 3rd & final. I can't believe how FAST this whole pregnancy is going. I really have enjoyed carrying this little guy in my belly & want him to stay in there for a little while longer...still have things to do to prepare for him!
  • we go back to the doctor in 2 weeks to get a shot (i have negative blood) & to do the sugar test...what a fun visit i know!  Then after that visit our appointments start every two weeks. 
  • Elijah's room is coming right is going to be done soon & then i will post pictures.
  • my first baby shower is in 6 weeks!!
  • our doc said i have about a month left that i can run, and then after that i need to move to some lower impact activities.  I would love to begin swimming, but i'm not gonna lie...i'm really going to miss running!
  • Daniel & I have the most precious niece ever!!  we couldn't stop snapping pics of her tonight.  
  • Madie is still adorable, energetic, bold, eager, lovable, & just down right fun!  we love taking picture of her because she is so photogenic. :)
  • I got my diaper bag!!!!! you can see it in the last photo below.
  • we are still praying for the Lord's guidance for new ways to go about support raising.  we have hit many dead ends, but we know God is not limited by this "economic crisis".  please join us in praying for clarity, patience & new contacts as we seek to glorify our Lord & Savior!

that's all the updating for now! have a great one.

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Dana said...

When doctor's appointments start coming every 2 weeks, the pregnancy really starts to move quickly. I can't believe you're still running, I don't even like to run when I'm not 26 weeks pregnant!