Sunday, May 03, 2009

26 :)

I can hardly believe that the 19 year old guy i met, fell in love with, married, & are now expecting a son with is 26 today!! How time has gone by so fast but what wonderful memories we have! This is our 7th birthday celebration together. I searched and searched today & finally found all his birthdays (well that we have been together)...
Daniel's 20th Birthday (yeah we are looking really young!)
21st Birthday
22nd Birthday
23rd Birthday
24th Birthday
25th Birthday
and here's his 26th Birthday!!
I had to include a few others from the party (especially the next one because Madie is just cracking us up! Daniel & I laughed so hard i thought we were gonna cry).

One of Daniel's many birthday gifts. Elijah is going to be riding in style :)
and finally since i failed to give you last weeks "preggo pic" here i am at 22.5 weeks

I just love feeling little Eli kick :) makes my heart smile!
Ok i think i have put so many pictures on here. What a great weekend (except i think daniel caught the same stomach bug i had last weekend which wasn't too fun to have on his birthday but he was a good sport!) Happy Birthday Daniel...I look forward to so many more with you.

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Dana said...

That is so neat that you guys have all those years documented. I also love the one of you with brown curly hair. Is your hair naturally curly? I have been considering perming mine, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to take that risk!