Tuesday, April 07, 2009

19 weeks

Geezz...where has the time gone already? Eli & I are growing bigger and bigger every day! I have begun feeling Eli move inside of me, which i might say is the most interesting (but delightful) feeling i have ever felt! He mostly likes to wiggle around when i am lying down or just resting...oh & of course when i am trying to go to sleep at night :) It really doesn't bother me (right now) because i know it's a good thing to feel his movements. Eli is making it a little more difficult these days for me to run. As soon as i begin it is like he pushes on my bladder...come on boy, mommy needs her exercise!
We got our SWEET glider the other day, and i might say it looks fabulous in Eli's room. I will take pics soon & post them. Now i am on the search for the "perfect" bedding. I thought i had found exactly what i wanted, but i have changed my mind. I'm on the hunt so if you have any ideas (of places i could search) let me know.

I'm really excited about this weekend which will be spent with family & friends celebrating Easter!

OH! MY SISTER & BRADFORD ARE ENGAGED!!! details to come...

here i am at 19 weeks (well actually this was taken on sunday but close enough).


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gimmegodiva said...

You look great!!
Wait until you can actually see your belly move... that was awesome!!!