Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Weekend (so far...)

WOW! It's already been a busy weekend and it is not even over yet. Last night Daniel took me out for my birthday dinner. We had so much fun talking & laughing about the last 6 1/2 years we have had together, and look forward to many more (with Elijah & any other children the Lord bless us with). Daniel told me yesterday that he still thinks of me as that cute 16 year old :) I can live with that!
Then today we spent time at my parents church helping with a 5k run. While there we got GREAT news that our dear friends were having their little (or not so little) baby boy! We got see Ryan, Sam & Noah in the hospital and it was a blessing! All looked great & HEALTHY!

Tonight my sweet in-laws took us all out for my birthday celebration. I loved it! Here is how i'm looking after all that yummy food!! haha
And lastly...i am one of those REALLY stubborn pregnant women who refuse to transition into the "maternity" clothes. I just haven't been able to let go of my regular clothes, so i put myself through this. I know it's crazy, but it's working for me for now :)
Tomorrow is birthday celebration with my family but most importantly celebrating the fact that JESUS HAS RISEN!!! Hope you have a great weekend.


Shelbie and Aaron Rose said...

Happy Birthday Magen!!!! and Happy Easter. What a wonderful day to celebrate! You are just so cute! Iknow it is hard to leave all of your cute clothes behind, but you will be sooooo much more comfy once you give in, and wear some maternity pants.

Dana said...

I hardly wear maternity clothes, even when I'm really big! I just buy bigger sizes and get low-rise pants. There are some cute ones though, especially the Gap, if someone else is buying. :)

valerie said...

Happy Birthday, Magen! Would've posted on your facebook wall, but we didn't have much internet access this weekend! We'll miss you tonight, but are glad you're doing well! Thanks for updating (ps your hair looks great!).