Tuesday, April 21, 2009


lets see...
  • Daniel & I are officially an uncle & aunt! Mia Davis was born last Thursday & she is just precious! Daddy, Mommy & baby are doing well :)
  • we got Elijah's bedding. now we are deciding on paint colors & other accents to make his room perfect.
  • Elijah is kicking me, and just about 5 minutes ago Daniel got to feel the little guy. What a great moment for both of us!
  • we are going to the beach twice this summer. BUT you won't see me in a bikini (even though many of you have voiced you think that would be very cute) but rather i will be supporting a tankini...with probably a cover up!
  • support raising is coming slowly but surely. please continue to pray for perseverance through this uncertain time.
  • madie is still her adorable little self. i love our dog!
  • And finally..I'm 21 weeks

well 4:40am comes really early in the morning so i am headed to bed! night night

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