Monday, July 21, 2008

a day in the life...

many people have asked "what do you do now that you are part time", so i took some pictures of what Daniel, Madie & I do (although it changes).
Today we worked on the newsletter & read some...
Here is Daniel working hard...he also finished one of his books today and was very persistent on telling me all about it, but i told him that i had not finished it so don't ruin it..haha
here i am working on the newsletter.  I also sat outside for a while (working on my tan lines for the up coming weddings i am in) addressing envelopes & reading

And this is what Madie does during the day...

stares at you until you play with her
eats (occasionally)
and there is one other thing she does, but i will spare you of that picture.  You can use your imagination...haha
so hopefully i cleared up some questions you might have had.  that's it for now, i am off to get a shower and meet some old friends (dustin & brooke) for dinner!

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Anonymous said...

Aww Madie has gotten so big. Those are great pictures! I looked at the other pictures of yall baking, Magen, you need to teach me how to cook like that;)
Love Jeri Kay