Monday, July 28, 2008

Georgia on my mind...

This past weekend Daniel and I enjoyed time with family in Georgia. We laughed (so much) and enjoyed each other's company. I will let the photo's speak for themselves!!
Myra (my cuz), Rachel (2nd cuz), Katlyn, & Robert (2nd cuz)

trying to be gangster...haha yeah right

sweet brother & sister (i love my cousins!)

We had to pause from decorating and chow down on Subway

getting ready to go swimming

me & robert

playing guitar hero...yeah i was way better than him :)

robert opening his b'day card

Rachel opening her b'day card (a month early)

nice rachel...eating some yummy food!

Ok so i feel like this one needs a little of explanation...the picture above is me trying to talk Logan (my 2nd cuz & ring bearer at our wedding) to take a picture with me...the picture below as you can tell is where he gave into my persuasion :)

Cherie (2nd cuz & flower girl), me, & Logan (Cherie's sis)

This picture (above) also needs some explanation...we look like a family (me being the mom...haha) anyway this is Rob (my cuz) & his 2 kids.

and here's the b'day boy blowing out his 19 candles

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were sad to leave, but know that we will see each other very soon at my brother's wedding...we can't wait!

Changing mother-in-law sent me a photo today (that is adorable i might add) about my little chef.  Remember a few blogs back where I talked about Daniel being a chef...well here is the proof!

one reason why if one day (Lord willing) we have a little boy i want him to look just like Daniel...he is just so stinking cute :)
that's all for now


Anonymous said...

Looks like yall had a lot of fun seeing Myra, Rachel and Robert. Love the pictures;)
Love Jeri Kay

Anonymous said...

do you know how much i love you? a lot!!!! these pictures are amazing (love the gangsta pic and the one of you and rob playin guitar hero) i can't wait to see you again! and i am planning to come to alabama to see some colleges. love you