Thursday, July 31, 2008

bridesmaid luncheon

yesterday we had a delightful time celebrating the soon marriage of Tim & Steph! Let me back up here and tell you how I came to be Steph's matron. Well you see in college, we had this brilliant idea to get a town home (not bad at all). But then we had this other bright idea to have 6 (yes I said 6) girls live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath town home. WE HAD A BLAST and not to mention rent was less than $200.00 a month per person. Anyways getting back to how I know steph...we actually not only lived together, but slept in the same bedroom. So we were college roomies. Oh the memories that were made! And now i get to be a part of their big day! I am so excited for them :)

This is so sweet...Stephanie's soon to be mother-in-law gave her a ring that had been passed down in their family.  Perfect fit!
Tim's mom also made this ADORABLE quilt for them!

Jess & I were on the same page, but we have no idea where Tiff & Steph got their ideas...haha
Amanda (maid of honor) had car trouble and is stuck 2 states away so missed the luncheon.  She will be at the wedding though!  We had so much fun...can't wait till saturday!

that's all

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