Thursday, July 24, 2008

BBQ & Goodbyes

Its been a busy week for us, but an exciting one at that! Monday night we got to eat some wonderful bbq (well actually i got a grilled chicken salad, but everyone else go some form of bbq...haha) from Dreamland while enjoying fellowship with some really dear friends.

and then after BBQ...we headed to TCBY for some treats!

yes Dustin your shirt does match the colors of the walls!

Then on tuesday night we drove down to see Wes & Clare before Clare headed out to Colorado. We had a blast hanging out & having a cook out. We even whipped out the Wii & battled it out :)

i love this one!
It was hard saying bye to Clare, but we will see her soon!
Tomorrow Daniel and I are leaving for Georgia to spend some quality time with family...i'm so excited.  I will post pictures of our trip when we get back!


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Michelle said...

I just miss you.