Wednesday, March 26, 2008

coming to your computer screen soon...

Ok I know all of you out there are just anxiously awaiting and wondering "what will they (she because he does not post very often but when he does it is a GREAT read) blog about next"...the anticipation is almost unbearable, so I will relieve some of you. Here are a few blogs you can look forward to in the future (aka, when i get the time to write them)

My "secrets" to weight loss--(many have asked from my post a couple back, so I will spill the beans & educate you on a new healthy lifestyle!)

Knitting Adventures--way back I posted that I have taken up knitting, and I will show you my first completed project (only if you promise not to laugh...or at least comment that you laughed) and what I will begin next!

Our Beach Trip--with "hopefully" many photos!

I hope I put a few of you at ease for now...with that I have to get back to work!  Until you read again... more thing, my sweet friend Sam just updated their blog and it is super all of you go check it out! bye


Ashley said...

more more, we want more!

Ashley said...

ps- is it southern bell or southern belle?