Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My view...

This is what I got to wake up to this morning...my two babies sleeping away!  Madie has been sick the past few days with a runny nose, sneezing every few minutes, no appetite and very lethargic.  She seems to be doing better today which is good! She's like having a baby...she can't tell us how she feels, we just have to be aware of her behavior and anything unusual.

  (Let me just interject...neither of them were happy about me turning the lights on!)

Our week is pretty full with activities and things to do.  Tonight (tuesday) we are eating dinner with Daniel's family, and then off to watch the orginial Mission Impossible. Wednesday night we are speaking at a church in town for missions...yay! Thursday we are free, but will probably fill our time with reading a book, (me) knitting, practicing piano, playing with Madie, and maybe more!  
Friday will be a FUN & EVENTFUL adventure for both of us.  My dear friend Michelle has ask us to babysit for her all day Friday, spend the night, and then till 4ish on Saturday.  This will probably be an eye opener (not because her kids are bad or anything), but the fact that she has 3 little boys...a glimpse into our future...maybe:)  

In case you have not read, we leave for the beach a week from this coming Sunday...and I got 2 new suits I am excited about trying out!  
This will be a time of peace and quiet where we get to unwind and relax with one another...not to mention the sweet sights and sounds that the beach brings!  12 days and counting :)



Jessica Wilson said...

Those pictures are so cutie!

Daniel and Magen said...

thanks girl!