Tuesday, September 27, 2011

photo dump

I have been absent from this blog. Sorry.

Life has just gotten the best of me, and when I actually find time to sit down and update, all I really want to do is get a little shut eye.

But alas. I have found a little time even though I would thoroughly enjoy sleeping right now as Caleb wanted to eat at 5:30am. Once I got done feeding him to climb back in bed to maybe, MAYBE catch 30 minutes of sleep, I hear Eli calling.

I still feel like a zombie some days. Daniel says he has to repeat things to me. I blame it on the lack of sleep.

Caleb sleeps about 4 to 5 hours and has once done 6 hours at night. I looked back to see Eli's sleeping patterns. Here is what I wrote...

"He was sleeping about 6 hours during the night at 4 to 5 weeks & then about 8 to 9 hours at 7 weeks."

I know every baby is different.

Caleb is definitely a more calm, chill baby. Eli during the day was pretty fussy until about 3 months.

I am hoping Caleb starts doing 8 hours stretches, but I will wait patiently until then... :).

We took the boys last week to the doctor. We intentionally scheduled their appointments together so we could just make one trip. Eli is still staying strong at being a big boy. At his 2 year check up, he was 35lbs and 36 7/8 inches. My MIL looked back to see what Daniel was at 2 years and he was 31lbs and 35 inches.

And this was Caleb's 1 month appointment. He was 10lbs 3oz and 22 inches. I looked to see what Eli was at this age. We actually didn't do a 1 month appointment with Eli but rather at about 7 weeks. He was 9lbs 6oz and 21.5ish inches. So needless to say, Caleb is quiet bigger (right now which could change) than his brother.

I haven't started working out or running again yet. I go to the doctor this week for my 6 week check up, and I will probably start back doing little things when I find the time. I thought for sure it would be KILLING ME not running, but honestly I am too exhausted to think about it. The only time I wish I was out there is when Daniel comes in from his 6 mile run. It will come soon enough though.

I also start back to work next week going 2 days a week. Then mid October I will start 3 days. I am sad to be leaving my boys, but I know that soon enough I will be home with them.

Daniel is still on track to graduate in May (WHOOO HOO!!!) with his Masters of Divinity. Then we are headed overseas to France for 3 months. We are anxious to get there, but trying to stay focused on what God is teaching/showing us here.

Okay, its time to feed Caleb. Hope to be back soon!

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