Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am a "boy mom"

*all of the pictures and video were shot on my iPhone so excuse the quality!

I am still getting use to being a "boy mom". I have always envisioned having all boys, and well so far we are moving in that direction.

I just don't think I realized what little boys were really, REALLY like. I've gotten hints of it here and there (like when we are all in our best dressed headed to church and my child decides to just sit/roll on the garage floor getting black stains on his khaki pants). In these situations Daniel has to say "Magen, he's a boy! If you wanted a neat one then we should have had a girl" (not that we get to choose this, but he is trying to make his point). I think letting Eli be messy just gets to me.


Today I was a total boy mom letting him go free!

We have been cooped up in this condo because of so much rain the last few days and with us only having one vehicle, we were stuck. But today the beautiful sun peep through the clouds and so we jumped on the opportunity.

I debated back and forth how we would do this. Would I put Eli in the Bob and strap Caleb to the front of me or be brave and let Eli walk on his own (he has a tendency to run away and not listen to us making us look like fools chasing after our kid who I might add is unusually quick and oh did I mention...I haven't run in a while so would I even be able to catch him?) and put Caleb in the Bob. We haven't gotten a double bob yet...hoping maybe a Christmas present *wink wink*...because I didn't think we would need it until spring with the weather being so cold up here. But I was wrong. Moments like this make me wish we had one.

Okay getting back on I came to the conclusion that I would let Eli walk and enjoy the exercise outside and put Caleb in the Bob.

We loaded up and headed out. There is this great walking path that goes about 2 miles behind out place with big open fields. Its great for Eli to run around.

So we started our walk and we were not even 5 feet into it when I saw them. BIG PUDDLES OF WATER. Oh no I thought. Eli will want to splash like crazy in them and I honestly don't feel like cleaning him up and not to mention it is 57 degrees out here and I bet that water is freezing. But we kept walking, and sure enough he noticed them. I decided I would carry him over the first few. Maybe he didn't notice I thought...yea right. We kept going and of course there were more.

Then I said...oh what the heck! Let him just be a boy and play/splash his little heart out. It's just water. So I did.

And y'all he loved it!

Once he was done (or actually when I thought it was long enough, and didn't want him to get too cold), we headed in for a nice, warm bath!

And now we're all clean and warm!

We can't forget about baby brother who slept through it all.

Here's to many, many more (messy) adventures with the boys :)


Dana said...

So sweet! Sometimes it makes more work for Momma, but it also makes great memories. :)

I'm so looking forward to next summer, too!

Mae said...

Dana-So ready to see y'all! Praying for each of you :)