Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Doctor Visit & Our Day

Caleb is officially 4 days old today. We had his first doctor visit. The boy has gained .5 oz since leaving the hospital on Sunday.

Caleb checked out great. She did say he looked a little jaundice and wanted him to get checked. I can't stand it when they prick his little heel and he screams. Breaks my heart every time. I got a call a couple hours later from the doctor saying that his bilirubin was fine. Thank you Lord! Eli was a little jaundice too but of no real concern for the doctors.

beautiful flowers that were at our door when we got home today!

Other than our doctor appointment (which turned into a 2 hour ordeal because we had to go to the hospital for the lab work because they don't do it at the pediatrician--anyone else heard of this?? we thought it was weird), we had a pretty laid back day. All taking an afternoon nap which was wonderful, played with trains & cars and just enjoying being a family of 4. I am trying to cherish these special moments we have together.

Now back to enjoying this little boy :)

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