Sunday, August 21, 2011

Labor Story

In an attempt not to forget the story behind the birth of Caleb (I honestly don't even think that is possible!), I want to go ahead and write it out. In case you missed it or can't remember, here is Eli's birth story.

This birth story did not go as I thought/planned. I did still go unmedicated, but I did have my water broken instead of letting it break on its own. I had it in my mind that contractions would come, I would labor at home as long as I could and then just make it in time to the hospital to deliver. Wrong, Wrong and WRONG! BUT that's okay :)

Last Saturday I started having irregular contractions. Not really thinking anything of it though because I was just 38 weeks. Then on Sunday while sitting in church, I began to have contractions that weren't really strong but started to be regular. I told Daniel and when we left church, he called his parents to let them know what was going on. They were planning to drive up (about 11 hours) once they knew I was in labor. I kept having contractions, so late that night they made the decision to just come up. They arrived early Monday morning.

On Monday I went to the doctor and was disappointed that I had not really progressed and I was not in labor BUT the doctor said he could come anytime (they all say that :)). After Daniel and I talked about it, we went ahead with the doctors advice to be induced on Friday since we did have childcare. Like I said I REALLY wanted everything to just happen on its own, but I knew the Lord was/is in control, and this was the direction we were to move in.

We waited out all week as I had contractions on & off thinking "is this it"? It was such a blessing to have my in laws here to help out! Seriously it could not have worked out better.

Thursday night rolled around. I started having stronger contractions but decided to go ahead to bed. Friday morning I woke up with contractions (but not enough to think I was in labor). Daniel and I headed out to the hospital while leaving Eli with Daniel's parents. It was so comforting knowing he was taken care of. I think Daniel and I had really both stressed out about who would take Eli (even though we did have so many people volunteer).

We arrived at the hospital, I was still having contractions, got checked in and then they checked me. I was 3 cm and 60 % effaced. The doctor came in at 11:30am and broke my water. Once my water was no longer in tact, everything happened really quick. The contractions became very intense, and the nurse had me on the birthing ball for a bit and then in the rocking chair. I didn't have a rocking chair for Eli, but I must say what a great idea to rock with the contractions. I still stuck to my same method of getting through the painful contractions that I did with Eli. When I knew a contraction was coming on, I would slowly count to 8 or 10 in my head while controlling my breathing. This seemed to work again.

I was 8 cm while still in the rocking chair and began to feel like I had to push. I quickly jumped back in bed for the nurse to check me. I was in between 9 and 10 cm but they told me to hold off pushing through another couple of contractions while the doctor was prepping--OMG when a pregnant woman who has NO PAIN MEDS has to push, well she HAS. TO. PUSH! I bared it through another couple of contractions while that last .5 cm went. Finally I heard the doctor say "okay give me a push". I gave two really big pushes (about 5 minutes) and then saw such a BEAUTIFUL sight--SWEET BABY CALEB! He was born at 2:40pm and was/is absolutely perfect!

I have been asked by quiet a few people if this time was easier or last. Let me just say that when you hear women say that there is no pain like labor, well they are right. Contractions/delivering a child is like no other pain I have felt. At times during both deliveries I felt like I just could not bare it any more. But back to the question...if I am being honest I would say that there is something about going into this not knowing the pain or really what I was doing. With Eli I had no idea the work going into laboring all natural, so I really didn't have anything to "expect". I knew it would be painful, but I didn't know the extent of the pain or how good it felt to finally push. This time I knew all the work and pain that I had to go through. Even though this one was much quicker, I think I wigged myself out. AND I will say it didn't help that a woman was rushed in by the paramedics a couple of hours before I delivered who barely made it to the hospital in time. She was screaming--I mean SCREAMING in pain. I think I just got nervous. Daniel (of course) was wonderful and encourage/supported me through the whole thing. I am so happy I was able to do this again, and yes I will go all natural again if the Lord chooses to bless us with more kids in the future.

So there you have it. Thank you for all the sweet messages. WE FEEL SO BLESSED!

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