Thursday, June 09, 2011

Testing, Testing...

Are you still out there? It has been a month and a day since I have blogged. SORRY--LIFE HAS HAPPENED! So much to share. Over the last month we have:
  • traveled to the south
  • hit up the beach
  • attended (was in) a wedding
  • flew on a plane (twice)
  • got a haircut!
  • spent 10 days away from the love of my life--don't want to do that again. E and I missed 'daddy' way too much but had a blast with family & friends!
  • visited the doctor to check on Caleb. All looks great with the little guy!
  • Passed a glucose test
  • worked, worked, worked. I (Magen) have put in over 40 hours a week trying to work as much as possible!!
  • Complete spring semester
  • started and finished one summer class
  • entered our 3rd and LAST trimester for Caleb---ahh!!
  • went to Medieval Times--SOO COOL!
  • spent LOTS of time outside running as a family and really enjoying it!
  • attended a 2 year old birthday party
  • had many photo shoots! whoo hoo!
whew! and I am SURE I have left out some things. So we have been busy busy. As I attempt to catch up, here are a few pictures from my iphone. I know, I know...Daniel always says we have this super nice professional camera and all I seem to take pictures with is my iphone--ooops!

Hopefully my next post will be better...hope y'all have a great day!


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