Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello Again!

I told you I would be back sooner than my last blogging hiatus.

I am now remembering what it feels like to NOT work over 40 hour weeks. As of today Daniel started summer school which means more time for me and my little rugrat to snuggle, play with trains and say "weeeeeee" every time we go down the slide (Eli loves that for some reason ;)). I have to say time with him makes my heart full.

So this blog really doesn't have much direction. I think that is okay. It will be me rambling with pictures to entertain you (hopefully).

Speaking of Daniel's schooling...get this. In just 2 (yes I said 2!!) semesters he will be done and will receive his Master of Divinity--SO CRAZY! After this summer he will have 29 hours of class left. My husband loves school and rightly so because well he is pretty gifted. Not to mention very disciplined. But I can begin to see the wear and tear of constant going going going. I think he will be delighted to finish!

Lets see. In other news I have two "sprinkles" coming up in less than a month. Sweet friends at our church up here are throwing us our first shower for Caleb.


Honestly I did not expect a shower much less a sprinkle this time around, so I was overwhelmed by the generosity. All we are asking for is diapers, wipes and creams. We have everything else. A huge blessing of having another boy in my opinion!!!

Um can I just say how cute my little man's legs are--thunder thighs and ALL! Daniel and I joke all the time that our kids are doomed to have thunder thighs. Daniel has really muscular legs (not typical man chicken legs) and I...well have big ole thighs too!

Okay got a little off subject...back to my other sprinkle.

My dear high school friends (and sister) are throwing me a sprinkle in my home town. Seriously, I feel a little spoiled. I get to eat, spend time in the company of so many I love and celebrate the arrival of this new life the Lord has given us. Geez does it get better?

Here's proof that my belly button is beginning to poke out again...

lets see, lets see...what else? This little guy will be here in almost less than 10 weeks. I think one big brother is eager, OR maybe he has no clue, but likes to kiss my belly when told to--haha.

Okay I feel like this is going no where...sorry. I. am. getting. sleepy! I had an alarm clock (aka Eli) go off at 5:30am this morning!

So here's my view for the next 10ish weeks (only to get bigger).

Thanks to my sweet hubby for being the photographer behind *most* of these pictures.

I will leave you with my 29 weeks and 3 days picture:

nite nite



Krista said...

Mae - you don't know me, but I enjoy your blog, and just wanted to say that you always have the cutest maternity outfits!!! Good luck with baby #2!

Mae said...

Krista! Thanks so much for commenting. It's funny you say that. I am pretty sure this shirt was from a consignment sale that we got for less than $5.00. and the pants were a steal. Right when I found out I was expecting, it was christmastime and I went to Gap Maternity. I found these white capri pants that were crazy marked down. We also ended up paying less that $5.00 for these!!

Krista said...

That's awesome! I love a great bargain! :)