Thursday, June 16, 2011

Every Pregnancy IS Different...

Oh how many times I have been told this already throughout this pregnancy. I am learning every pregnancy really is different.

While pregnant with Eli, I had more time to sleep and be on my own. I had more time to watch what I ate and had ample of opportunity to exercise/lift weights. I had absolutely NO nausea the whole time up until right before I delivered (I think that is because everything was preparing for the big day). Even though I did work 40 hours while pregnant with him, the setting was different and more relaxed.

Now with Caleb I feel like exercise is when we can squeeze it in, and there really is NO time for lifting. I will say with Eli I ran the same course every day and it was 2.35 miles (it had some serious hills). With Caleb I have been able to run further. Most days we run 4+ miles (some days we stick to 3), so I feel like in a way that makes up for the lifting I am not able to do. Also with Caleb I had slight nausea (not bad or enough to complain about) for a few days. I haven't seemed to feel all around as good as I did with Eli, but I blame that on having a toddler--wait scratch that--a very, VERY active toddler that keeps me on my feet. I also have had a little swelling that did NOT happen with Eli. While at work in my desk, I prop my feet up and it seems to help. I feel like Caleb is even more active than Eli ever was in my tummy. If that is foreshadowing anything...well then we will have our hands full--very FULL with two active boys. As far as weight gain goes, I gained 26 lbs with Eli. So far with Caleb I have gained 19 lbs. BUT I did start out 6 lbs smaller with Caleb than with Eli.

Anyways, here's to hoping the deliveries are rather similar. I'd even be okay if this one was even quicker than the last!


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