Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy weekend!

This weekend seemed jammed packed with fun things (which I don't mind one bit). We had our usual small group friday night.

Then on Saturday myself and a friend, Emily, were showered with love for our upcoming baby boys. Honestly I did NOT expect such showering, but I have to say it was wonderful.

The shower was a bee themed--too adorable!

These quilts were handmade and absolutely adorable. This is something I KNOW I will cherish.
The hostess, Jennifer, who is a dear friend knows me so well and got these adorable monogrammed burp cloths. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!
The mommies with our sweet hostess.
And here we are...34 & 31 weeks with our second boys!

And no party is complete without big brother's and friends.
Feeling so very blessed!

Then today we had our church wide picnic enjoying the great outdoors. Letting Eli run around in HUGE enclosed (for the most part) space is like a dream. Being cooped up for the winter/spring was miserable, so we try and take advantage of being outside.

These two are BIG BUDDIES even if they do tackle/wrestle each other :)

And today I am officially 7 months pregnant (and starting to really feel it). 2 short months away from welcoming our second son!


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