Monday, July 18, 2011


We are still here.

When did it turn to July? AND over half way through it at that.

We have been busy busy around here. We made our last trip down south to see family and friends before baby Caleb arrives. Daniel has all the pictures on his computer, so I will have to wait and post them later.

I went to the doctor this morning and Caleb is measuring right on. He is head down which made me feel a little at ease (although I understand he can flip a whole bunch more before delivery). I was asking the doctor today (who did not deliver Eli and had no idea what size baby Eli was at birth) how big of a baby he thought Caleb would be. He said he believed if I went to full term I would have about a 7lb baby. I then proceed to tell him Eli was 7lbs 14oz and was 2 days early. He then changed his mind and said "oh well then this might be an 8lb baby because in most cases baby # 2 is bigger."--who knows!

Speaking of Caleb...I feel like he is getting lower as I am feeling a little more pressure! I am still running every other day anywhere between 2 to 4 miles. I have a feeling I will only be able to run for a few more weeks before calling it quits. I ran till 38.5 weeks with Eli. I will just have to see with Caleb.

We are on day 2 of hard core potty training. So far we have had 2 dry days (except for at night of course). We had been doing training here and there, but the reality of baby brother coming in a little over 5 weeks made Daniel and I want to jump the gun. Eli has also been back to sleeping in his big boy bed. We set up the crib for Caleb, so there was no turning back. The only reason we were putting Eli in the crib was because he was getting out of his big boy bed at 5:45am coming in our room ready to play. He now has a gate at his door which has seemed to help. He is growing up way too fast!

AND THE MOST EXCITING NEWS OF ALL (if you get our updates you will already know this):
We will going to FRANCE next summer to do an approximately 3 month internship with TEAM as part of Daniel's program at Trinity. God willing Daniel will finish classes for the Masters of Divinity program next May (2012), and we will go shortly after that!


Okay more updates and pictures to come.


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Dana said...

So excited for next summer with you guys! We got our house today and Bill keeps daydreaming about where you guys wil be...

And normally I like to stay far away from parenting advice, but you might want to wait on the potty training. Forcing it to happen before they really want to can backfire. Trust me, we tried that and it took her a year to try again. Just something we've learned along the way, you can take it or leave it. :)