Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can you believe it?

because I can't! We are now officially a minivan family...yea you read that right. Somehow we were blessed to get rid of our old vehicle and get one with more room. We looked and looked and finally decided that the best move for our family is to get a minivan.

And I have to is really growing on me =) Daniel has been very persistent about getting one and not an SUV. I am stubborn and tried to tell him we "need" an SUV, BUT after going and looking at both, I was persuaded toward this gem

excuse the picture quality...this was taken from my phone.

And wanna know one of my favorite, FAVORITE things about this ride? Automatic sliding doors. All we have to do is push a button and the doors open to put big guy in =)

Thank you Lord for allowing us this opportunity of a larger vehicle for our ever expanding family.


Ashley W said...

A mini van has been an option for me as well. I REALLY want a Tahoe but a mini van isn't out of the question...ha!

Mae said...

Oh girl that is what I wanted. We looked and looked at Tahoes, but we couldn't find one that did not have SO. MANY. MILES! And I hear if something breaks, they are expensive to fix. After driving and giving a minivan a good look...I really liked it. We got a Honda, so it is nice!

Dana said...

I love Honda Odysseys! We can't get one here or I totally would have. I did love our Tahoe, but I think the Odyssey really is more practical.

We got a tiny Peugeot minivan here and I love it too. It is definitely not the most attractive of cars, but it has sliding doors as well! Isn't that just the greatest feature ever?!