Friday, February 18, 2011

13 weeks & sick :(

That's right, we're 13 weeks today and I have a nasty cold. Eli has had a stuffy nose and has been a little more fussy lately. I thought for sure it was the 8...yes 8 teeth he has coming in all at once (4 on bottom & 4 on top), but really I think he just hasn't felt good. I got ahold of his cold and well all I want to do is sleep on the couch. BUT we all know with a hubby in seminary and a 17 month old running around, that's not always the case. These are the moments I long to be around family. To just call my parents or in-laws up and say "can you please take E man??"--oh that would be nice. But so is life... =)

Anyways, 13 weeks!! For some reason Daniel and I are so so eager to know what we are having. We both have a hunch and want to find out if our feelings are correct. I know it will be here before we know it!

So here are pics of 13 weeks with Eli and 13 weeks with baby # 2!

Get this...we had a luncheon for work the other day, and I had two, yes count them..1...2 men ask me if I was expecting! I was TOTALLY shocked. I didn't get asked by anyone till I think 18 or 19 weeks with Eli. And I NEVER ask unless they are pretty much in their 3 trimester and HUGE! It just really caught me off guard.

Not much too exciting going on this weekend. The hubs is busy with school. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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