Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the deal-e-o

so i know you are waiting and waiting (or at least some of you have expressed that to me) and I am working on compiling my thoughts in a way to share them with you! please be patient. i promise it is coming! but in the mean time i will leave you with my shopping for this week.  I went well over our normal budget, but the deals this week on diapers were WAY to good to pass up (all you mommies out there know), so i thought why not stock up now!
Here is everything together:

Total before coupons, gc, ecb's & rr: $178.38 + tax
WHAT I PAID after coupons, gc, ecb's & rr: $58.37 + tax & i got $5.00 in ecb's back!!
that is a huge savings!!
The 2 things that were not on sale nor did i have a coupon for was OJ & eggs.  the hubby LOVES oj so much so i had to get it...right?!?!  Up here for some crazy reason OJ is $2.38 per container which if my memory serves me correct is less than the south!  Okay i don't have time to break up each total, but i did take pictures of what i bought from each store. i will highlight a couple of deals i couldn't pass up!

milk was on sale for $1.98

I got 5 boxes of wheat thins (one box is not pictured) for .40 a piece!!!

okay i paided .02 for each oatmeal cup!! & $3.99 per pack of diapers (which are regularly $12.99)

i also paid $3.99 per pack of diapers that are regularly $12.99!!

So there are my good GREAT deals i got at the stores this week.  please keep coming back!  I want to show you how to save $$ so stay tuned :)


Rhett & Valerie said...

Hey Mae!

Don't know what an "ecb" is. Can you explain? Love following the blog! We're more than likely coming your way this summer (Wheaton, not Deerfield; but close!). Looking forward to more posts.


Leslie said...

I need to know how to get diapers for 3 bucks!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO impressed!