Tuesday, August 18, 2009

38 weeks

and i'm about to pop (or at least that is what a few people have told me lately). I'm actually not uncomfortable at all...just ready to meet this little guy. This is the first week i haven't run which for me is sad because i love it so much. But on saturday i could only make it 2 miles and had to give up. I just know it is coming down to the wire now and walking is better since i am having so much pressure from Eli dropping! Speaking of him dropping...we have been going to the doctor weekly now (i have been bad at updating on that). The process of labor has begun. I have started dilating, the doctor felt Eli's head & said he is very low...which i figured that by the way i feel :). 2 weeks ago the doctor told us he didn't think i would make it the full 40 weeks (by the way i have progressed over a week) but we aren't getting our hopes up because that was just a guess...even though i know he is a doctor...we still don't want to be let down!

Today was my last day of work. I am feeling all kinds of emotions. I love the little ones i watch and will truly miss their smiling faces each day, but i am ready to be mommy to my own and see his little face. I can't believe i am done but am very thankful for a little time to myself.

Yesterday morning (1:30am) I began having very irregular contractions. they lasted through out the day and then got more consistent last night. but they went away around 11:00 and then began again today. I think my body is just getting ready for labor (whether that be in the next few hours or the next couple of weeks). i think our little guy is playing with mommy & daddy about when he will come...but we shall patiently wait!!
Oh & we took some photo's this past weekend (since we didn't have any of both daniel & i in them with me preggo). hope you like them...we do!


kelliomorton said...

I have been waiting on an updated post! You still look beautiful. I know you are so ready to see that sweet baby. The last couple of weeks are the worst/ most anxiety provoking. (not in a bad way...just ready to hold the little one.) Well, I'm patiently awaiting the "he's here" message. Take care! love you, kelli

Jamie and Joy George said...

it's getting closer!! I hope your doctor is right. Mine kept telling me he didn't think I'd make it to 40 weeks either, but as well all know, I still went 3 days over the due date. :( Breeson's head was also very low, and I only had to push for 30 minutes. SO hopefully you'll have the same luck!!
Can't wait, Magen!!

Rhett & Valerie said...

I love the count-down at the top of your blog: "Only eight days to go!"

We can't wait to meet your beautiful baby boy. Best wishes! We're praying for you guys.