Wednesday, August 12, 2009

make that 3

that's right...we have officially been married 3 years today. as i think back to that wonderful day i get all giddy. seeing my groom (very handsome...the most handsome i might add) standing there waiting for me (his bride) to walk down the aisle. saying our "i do's" and then sharing in communion. what a great day. one that i look back on and smile.

after nearly 4 years of dating and 3 years of marriage, i am still learning new things. our love has grown so much. i love staying up late and chatting about...well...nothing. i love waking up to him in the mornings. i love how he loves our dog, madie and gives her baths. i love that he loves books & studying greek. i love that he eats grape pop sickles & drinks a tall glass of orange juice most nights. i love how he loves the Lord. i also love how he loves me. and now as we await the arrival of our first child, a son, i love how he touches and talks to my belly hoping Eli is listening. i love that he thinks i'm beautiful...even pregnant. i don't have to wonder if he will be a great dad because i know he will! I am so blessed with such a loving, patient, man of God. Thank you Lord for another year with this man made so well for me. here is to many many more!!

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Shelbie and Aaron Rose said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed your last one as a family of two! Eli will be here before you know it!