Tuesday, August 25, 2009

week 39

(above is a picture daniel took of eli & myself)
well we made it...and i'm more ready than ever or at least i think i am! i wake up in the mornings now feeling all the aches and pains with being so pregnant. i've been really crampy & nauseous most mornings (i guess i'm making up for it since i didn't have this at the beginning of my pregnancy.) i think i'm just ready to "walk normal" and not waddle, do day to day things without loosing my breathe, and just feel all around good.
i have been filling my days now with lots of rest, exercise, cleaning, organizing, & catching up on some reading. My thank-you notes have been written & sent, and Eli's baby book is caught up to as far as can be.

I keep thinking about what it will be like to meet this little guy that has been growing in my belly the last 8 1/2 months. I remember before daniel & i got married, i use to daydream about what our wedding day would be like. I would keep myself up late most nights replaying in my mind how our "big day" would go and now i find myself doing the exact same thing with our son. except the nice part about the wedding was we knew when it would take place...we are now just in a waiting game for mr. eli.

So we go to the doctor on friday (i'm really hoping we don't make it to this appointment) so we will know more then! That's all for now.


Jamie and Joy George said...

ahh now, you see Mae, deep down, because we (all of your fiends!) know how easy of a pregnancy you've had, it's nice to see (or read) that you're actually uncomfortable now!! ;) A little pay-back for having it so easy compared to the rest of the pregos. LOL
We can't wait for Eli to get here! Cute picture by the way.

Dan + Mae said...

ha! You are so right JOY...i am paying for it :)

Dana said...

Hang in there! Keep thinking you have another month and then you will be pleasantly surprised. I have seen so many moms think for sure that they will deliver early and then go way past their due date. Now, you may be one to go a little early, but it's best to prepare for a late birth and not be disappointed! I love the anticipation of not knowing when, but then again I do have c-sections!