Thursday, October 18, 2007


                                                    Phase 2 and Phase 4-what a gang!

WE ARE IN PHASE THREE!!! You are probably asking yourself right about now what in the world is this crazy girl talking about?! Well before I loose you, let me explain. Phase one is the application process to TEAM and going through all the tests and interviews. Then phase 2 is what we just completed last week--a week of "candidate school" where you learn more about TEAM, what being a missionaries is like, how to raise support, insurance and such while on the mission field and much much more.

                                                       our wonderful staff at TEAM!!

We had an amazing time last week getting to know people that are in the same situation that we other words they don't think we are weird for just leaving our comfortable lives here to pursue God's calling on our lives.

So...phase three is what is called DEPUTATION (which if you did not know, it is a ministry). This is the phase where you raise your support (we started technically a little earlier but don't worry we got it cleared!) Anyways please PRAY for God's guidance in all of this and that we would seek to educate people about the need for the Gospel in France while raising prayerful and financial support!

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