Thursday, October 04, 2007

Let there be LIGHT!

After much movement at work, I am finally (5 months) settled into my new office. The only thing that was missing was a lamp that could add even more color to my office. So yesterday I made a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond and purchased a very resonable and colorful floor lamp. It adds so much to my office!

In other news, we leave on saturday for our candidate school training with TEAM. Daniel and I opted to drive to Wheaton so that we would not have to spend money on renting a car. I honestly love the journey in the car with the man i love!

I look forward to spending a week away (sat. to sat.) with Daniel learning about what we are both so passionate about...MISSIONS! I also look forward to the cooler should be about 50 degress at night and around 70ish during the day. I get so excited about waking up early, sliping into our workout close, and taking a long (5 ish miles) run through the neighborhoods that are so peaceful. Oh how excited i am...I WANT TO LEAVE NOW!

Before I leave though, I will be getting my hair done (high and low lights to go a little darker for winter with a cute cut) and then off to the spa for a deep tissue massage, scalp massage, and a relaxing pedicure (complements of my wonderful mother-in-law who got me a gift certificate to the spa for my birthday in April). I could not decide when I wanted to go, but 6 months wondering I relized this is the perfect time(not to mention they only give you a certain amount of time to use it)!

And finally...we leave for FRANCE in 29 days! OH THE EXCITEMENT!!!

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