Thursday, November 01, 2007 we come

I can't believe it is time to leave...I can remember planning this trip thinking that it was a long way away. BUT Its HERE!! We leave tomorrow for our 15 day trip to France. You might be asking questions like :

1. Are you packed?

Well somewhat...let me explain. Daniel and I began packing Tuesday night. We or should I say "I" packed 14 different outfits (i will wear one over there to make 15) and daniel packed maybe 10. Then after getting the clothes neatly folded, the suitcase zipped up, daniel began lifting the bag off the bed and realize it weighed about 80 to 90 lbs (per bag). If you dont know the limit is 50 and anything over you have to pay 100.00 per bag. So, we began thinking about putting it in 4 bags, but then we began thinking even harder and decided that we did not want to tote 4 bags and 2 carry-ons all around France or on the trains. So after contacting the missionaries over there, we decided to pack a week worth of clothes and wash while we are over there. So, we repacked and all i have left are my shoes and toiletries. Long explanation..sorry!

2. Are you excited?

Yes and No....I am very excited about going to France, meeting those who we will be interacting with, seeing the schools we will attend for language school, and just SEEING FRANCE. The NO comes in when we have to fly on a plane. Like in an earlier post....I DO NOT LIKE TO FLY. It is one of my FEARS (although I have done it so much). God definitely has a sense of humor because not only is he calling ME of all people to be a missionary in France, but also that He is calling me to do something I am terrified of--FLYING. But I will get over it. A LOL (TEAM people will get this) that stands for little old lady--told me last night that when she flies, she tells herself that if I make the flight then I will get to do all that was planned at the destination being traveled to, but if she doesn't and the plane goes down, then she will go up! This is very comforting!!

3. How long are you staying?

15 days (finally a short answer!)

4. Who is going?

Daniel and I (Madie is staying with my parents--and Daniel's parents for the first few nights)

5. Where will you be?

We will visit Paris and the surronding towns, and the Rhone-Alps region

Ok I think that is it! I will DEFINITELY post pictures when we get back...Daniel (and I) will take plenty I am sure.

One last thing...we just sent out our first newsletter and would love for you to look at it! Just go to our website and click on the tab that says Newsletter. Enjoy!!


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Melissa said...

Daniel and Magen:

Know that you are being brought before our Father's throne of Grace during your whole trip. Thanks for continuing to allow us all to be a part of the journey. It's a blessing to see what God is doing through you! The second time I went to France, I packed and repacked to get under the weight limit... only to arrive and realize the only pair of underwear I had was what I had on! BIG MISTAKE! So... double check... and leave out that extra sweater and make room for undies and socks! Love you both! Can't wait to see pictures <><