Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm glad I could make you laugh (SAID NO PREGNANT WOMAN EVER!)

The doctor warned me at my 6 week appointment as soon as we found out we were expecting twins that I would show rather quickly for multiple (haha get it?) reasons.  1. Being my third pregnancy, your body just kind of knows what to do and does it quicker. 2. for obvious reasons...there are two of them 3. I just show quicker in general.

So I was somewhat prepared.  My yoga instructor was the first one to go out on a limb when I was 9 weeks pregnant. NINE WEEKS PEOPLE.  My jaw almost hit the floor when she asked me if I was expecting.  But she's so sweet and I kindly answered her and then explained I am having twins.

Anyway getting to the whole point of this post...I have had multiple people literally LAUGH, GIGGLE, it what you like at me when I tell them how far along I am.  I was at the splash pad the other and this sweet mom and I struck up a conversation.  She then proceed to ask me how far along I was.  I said "12 weeks" and literally she laughed and then immediately apologized for laughing.

(excuse that I have no make up and that I am making that awful face)

I know I'm big...just try not to stare. :)

I really am in good spirits about it...just had to share!


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