Saturday, February 18, 2012

iphone dump

Valentine's Day Big Brother and I made a cake :) I let him have a piece before bed.

photo copy 2

The hubs took me out on a date (YES A DATE--NO KIDS JUST THE TWO OF US!!) last weekend. Dinner and a movie...much needed time together!

photo copy 3

We had a gift card so we made a night of it this weekend and Big brother and Little man came along too. Daniel and Big Bro split a dessert. Daniel had to eat pretty fast because Big Bro was moving quickly!!

photo copy 7

Little Man had his 6 month check up (even though he won't be 6 months till tomorrow) on Friday. He is 18 lbs! I can't believe he is already 6 months!

photo copy 4

And of course with check ups come shots. Little Man has been running fever and not feeling so well :(

photo copy 6

photo copy 5

So there you have it.

On a different note...less than 8 weeks till we run our half (yikes) and less than 3 months till we move!!!

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