Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hello World


We are still here. Busy little bees. Please excuse my absence. It's not that I don't like blogging because I really do love to share (vent occasionally), but time has not allowed me lately to give this here said blog attention.

I have been a little busy at work the last few weeks planning a big event. Now that it is over I will have a little more free time (ha ha this makes me laugh--free time with 2 little boys...yea right!), so hopefully I won't be a stranger any longer.

Daniel is working hard to finish his last semester of Seminary. He is a good student. I joke with him because in college when I had to write a paper that had to be so-and-so length...I would literally have to stretch to make it that exact length. Daniel on the other hand just turned in a 15 pages paper that he wrote upwards of 20 pages and had to trim it down. That's just madness to me. :)

We just took our last trip down south to spend time with family, friends & supporters. It was really great to catch up! We were delighted to see so many people, but are sad we missed some people too. It is hard to pack in so much in a week!

Okay now bullet points:

  • 2 months from yesterday the hubs will be graduating!! I am beyond proud of him.
  • I have about 6 weeks of work left.
  • We are headed to France for 3 months this summer for Daniel to do an internship! We are praising the Lord for this AMAZING opportunity and are blown away to see God's hand even in the smallest details. Thank you to those who have prayed with us through this decision.
  • Many have asked if we will "document" our time in France this summer. OF COURSE! We are techy people and so we have a NEW blog for our adventures :) Please add us to your blog roll as this will most likely be the blog that will be updated!
  • It is hard to believe we will be saying goodbye to our life here in Chicago. 2.5 years flew by. We have made some incredible friends here. Eli was 4 months when we moved up here. I WILL NOT though miss the winters :)
  • We are running another half in about 4 weeks--EEK! I feel unprepared, but I know we can do it.
  • Eli is as active as ever. Some days I look at him and think--really? How can one child have so much energy. Then I bring myself back to reality and remember he is only 2.5!
  • Caleb is sitting up (with assistance) and really wanting to crawl. No teeth yet!
Okay yours truly has to go be productive!

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