Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I am sorry blog

This blog needs a little TLC, and I have not been good at giving it that. I am spending my days working, working, working (45 hours last week in the office. who knows how many this week) and to be quiet honest, when I get home all I want to do is love on that sweet little 23 month old boy we have AND go for a run outside with the boys. Then of course dinner, bath & bed for little man. It's about 7:15ish by this time when I just sit for a little bit, do my reading (side note--just started a new plan of reading through the Bible) and then off to bed. Yup that's about 9:00 or 9:30. I know ridiculous right? I guess that is how life is at almost 37 weeks pregnant.

So I say all that to get to the point...THIS BLOG HAS NOT BEEN TOP OF MY LIST. I also am still "nesting" trying to prepare for our second boy!

At this moment I am sitting here, propping my legs up trying to rest from our run today (which always feels good might I add) snacking on some peanut m&m's my sweet mom sent in the mail and drinking some V8 fruit juice. I will try to catch you up...

  • We had our doctor appointment monday morning. Nothing new to report. I am measuring right on, gained 2 lbs (24 total) and Caleb is head down. That is really about it. We go back on Monday.
  • Daniel says this pregnancy has made me very forgetful and I seem to repeat stories to him. I think it is just exhaustion and not so much pregnancy =D.
  • This week has been a little different for us. As for mentioned, I have been in the office all week which leaves Daniel home with Eli. Our dear friends had their second baby boy Noah on Monday, so we were privileged enough to keep their older son Caleb. Caleb is about 5 months older than Eli. The boys play so well together. It couldn't have worked out better. While we were getting ready on Monday morning to head to the doctor's office, Daniel got a call from Eric saying they were headed to the hospital. Oh wow! What are the odds they would be delivering at the same hospital that my doctor is at AND we just happen to be going there this morning when Emily was in labor? We met them at the hospital and got Caleb. Noah was born later that day. Eli had his first sleep over--so much fun! It was so cute that the boys slept in the same room together (but NOT in the same bed ;)). Eli was very sad when Caleb left =(.
  • As I type this Daniel is taking his last final for the summer. He had a week long class a few weeks ago, but the work is all done at home and on your own. I am ready to have some nights with Daniel before we expand to a family of 4. OH I think I forgot to mention it BUT Daniel got 2 more scholarships!!! Can you tell this wife is excited? He has 4 total, but sadly that is not enough to cover tuition because it is just so darn expensive!
  • We get to see family in a few short weeks (or whenever this little man decides to make his debut)!!!
  • Eli is growing up way to fast (but that's what all parents say). His vocabulary is really expanding. He is putting sentences together and saying things that Daniel and I think often "where in the world did that come from!" I can't believe he will be 2 on the 30th!
  • Our 5 year anniversary is next Friday. We aren't doing anything special unfortunately, but I would be okay if we were welcoming a baby that weekend ;) but I won't hold my breath!
  • And like I said...we will be 37 weeks on Friday. I honestly feel like time is dragging, but Daniel is so quick to remind me it will be here before we know it!

Here is a picture I took at 36 weeks 4 days. Again I apologize for the poor quality.

I can barely keep my eyes open, so before this goes south I am just going to stop. Hope to be back soon (sometime). Bare with me...

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