Thursday, April 21, 2011

22 weeks

Caleb is growing like a weed which means I am too!

Its hard to believe that my body has gone from this...(definitely poking out in the second picture)

to today...

I think I truly forgot how much my body did change with Eli!

Nothing new to really report except that I am still feel great (pregnancy wise) with Caleb dancing/kicking all around in my tummy. I am just still a little under the weather and now Daniel is coming down with it =(.

And I'll leave you with this..

Sometimes (and please someone comfort me and tell me your husband does this) I find random pictures on our camera. It is when Daniel gets ahold of the camera and I don't know about it...well, pictures like this show up!

(if you can't tell it's my back side.)



Meredith Marie said...

You are not alone! I find those same pictures on my camera too! My husband thinks its hilarious :)

Ashley said...

Hahaha, Mat does the same thing! LOL!!!

Andi said...

omg, i'm rolling!!! that's hilarious. amazed at how beautiful you are!! love you!

Meredith Marie said...

Where are your maternity jeans from? They are cuter than all the ones I've seen :)

Mae said...

Hey thanks ALL!
I have to say most of the maternity clothes you will see me wearing were given to me by a VERY stylish momma who is done having kiddos (or at least I think she is). Her kids are a little older than Eli so I have no idea if they would even have those jeans. I looked and they came from Old Navy and they are low rise. Super comfy! Hope that helps =)